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Make your Time Outdoors more Fulfilling with Colter Co. - #Review & #Giveaway

There are certain skills that seem to have been lost with time.  These skills used to be passed down from generation to generation but with the technology of today a lot of these ingenious techniques have almost become extinct.  Thankfully, Colter Co. has come up with a brilliant way to keep these ideas alive and handy on your next outdoor excursion!

What is Colter Co.?
According to their website, "John Colter was a member of the Lewis and Clark expedition in 1804-1806.  He was honorably discharged on their return trip to help lead another group back to the upper Missouri river.  After leaving that group he explored much of modern day Idaho and Wyoming alone.  He was the first European to see the Yellowstone basin.  The stories he brought back with him made people think he had lost his mind in the wilderness and many people jokingly called the place 'Colter's Hell', not believing it existed at all.  John Colter is widely considered one of the first mountain men and his pioneering spirit is an important part of the history of the west."
"Colter Co. is dedicated to the spirit of John Colter.  It's about the love of wilderness and exploration.  It's about the spirit of self sufficiency and having the skills to pay the bills.  Or, in Mr. Colter's case, the skills to survive the brutal winters of Idaho and Wyoming, along, with only what you can carry on your back."
"We're dedicated to ensuring that the skills that have existed for
millennia get passed on to the next generation.  We want to make sure that another 200 years from now, we will still have the spirit of the west in our hearts."

What does Colter Co. have to offer?
Colter Co. has taken the classic bandana and creatively added some useful benefits to each one making them more than just a hanky in your back pocket!  Best of all, they're affordable and made right here in the U.S.A!  Here are just a few examples of some of my favorites from their site.

Cipher Bandana - $14

The Cipher Bandana features several ways to communicate if you ever find yourself stranded or in need of assistance.  Nato phonetic code words, Morse code, Sign Language and semaphore are all represented as well as instructions on how to use a signal mirror.  Printed with soft water based inks that will hold their color even through the roughest treatment.  Perfect for hiking, camping, climbing or anywhere outdoors!

Cabin Fever Bandana - $14
Out camping and find yourself stuck in your tent during a sudden downpour?  It's hard to bring board games or other activities with you to help pass the time.  Look no further than your back pocket with this fun-filled bandana that features four classic games including checkers, tic-tac-toe, marbles or dots and boxes.  Nature provides the game pieces through rocks, sticks, pine needles or anything else handy.
Fly Fishing Knots Bandana - $14
You can stop worrying about letting the big one get away with this bandana!  From the arbor knot, improved clinch, Uni knot, Perfection Loop and many others, take this handy guide with you whenever you hit the river or docks and make sure you've got the right knots, every time, for your fishing set up.

My Review
My friends at Colter Co. were generous enough to send me two of their most popular bandanas - the Know Your Knots bandana and the Stargazer Bandana.  Both bandanas are made from 100% cotton for comfort and 22"x 22" makes them large enough to wear on your head as well as keep in your pocket for reference whenever you need.

Know Your Knots Bandana
Know Your Knots Bandana - $14

This handy knot tying guide features 16 essential climbing, sailing and survival knot diagrams printed on this versatile and rugged bandana.  Knots include: Lark's head, overhand knot, sheet bend, double fisherman's knot, square knot and many others. 
This bandana is comfortable to wear, easy to fold up and put in your pocket or pack away with the rest of your camping, hiking, climbing or other gear for a thrilling outdoor outing.  Made to last, in the USA, this bandana is sure to come in useful!

Stargazer Bandana
Stargazer Bandana - $14

Out of the two bandana's that I received for review, this one is my favorite.  I have always been fascinated by the stars and constellations.  One of my favorite things to do is lie out in my yard or driveway, late at night, and just look at the stars especially during a meteor shower.  This bandana is perfect for stargazing or even navigating and is a must have on any outing.  It shows the summer night sky over North America with bright glow in the dark ink so you won't have to worry about readjusting your eyes to the darkness each time you look at your star chart.  It also has a few really useful tips on quickly determining the cardinal points of the compass using celestial bodies

Made from 100% cotton yet very rugged, this bandana is sure to be a regular on all of your outdoor adventures!

Where can you purchase Colter Co. products?
If you're interested in purchasing any of the awesome bandanas featured in this post or if you'd like to see what else Colter Co. has to offer be sure to check their website!  For more up to date information on new products and promotions make sure to follow them via Facebook, Instagram and subscribe to their newsletter which can be done at the bottom of any page on their site.

Giveaway Time!
Four (4) lucky winners will receive a bandana of their choice from Colter Co.!  Enter below:

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I was provided complimentary products to help facilitate this review.  All opinions expressed in this post are mine, 100% honest and not influenced in any way.  For more information please visit the PR section of this site.  Copyright Shopping with the Couture Queen 2009-2017.

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