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Finally Get a Good Night's Sleep with SpineAlign! - #HolidayGiftGuide

Insomnia can disrupt your entire life.  My father has suffered from insomnia for as long as I can remember and I've been trying to find relief for about a year now.  Without getting enough sleep you can suffer from lack of concentration, daytime drowsiness and many other issues.  But did you know that you don't have to rely on sleep aids, some of which can be addicting, to finally get relief from your insomnia?
SpineAlign Pillow

What is the SpineAlign Pillow?
According to their press release, "The SpineAlign Pillow is the first patented, fully adjustable and customizable cervical contour pillow on the market.  It's designed with three individual sleeping chambers; two side sleeping chambers and one back sleeping chamber.  This is to solve the problem of having to buy different pillows for side sleeping and back sleeping.  Now you can do both on the same pillow!  Also, it's designed with a larger side and smaller side.  Because we are all different sizes, no one pillow can work for the majority of people...until now.  And it's 100% adjustable so if you need to move some of the shredded internal fill so your head and neck are supported in correct posture, there is a small zipper on the back of each sleeping chamber so now you can customize your pillow to fit you exactly how you want.  You no longer need to get 'fitted' for a pillow because SpineAlign Pillow is designed to fit the vast majority of people.  There is also a strip of mesh running along the sides of the pillow to allow for better breathability as you sleep which is especially helpful if you don't like sleeping hot.  As far as pillows go, there has never been one pillow with so much to offer for virtually every adult sleeper!"

"So what's the real problem with sleeping on an ordinary, store bought pillow?  Unfortunately for the consumer, there has been little to no though given to the design of most pillows or even the materials used by the pillow manufacturers.  What this means is that it is virtually impossible to sleep in correct posture using an ordinary pillow.  This is even true for the majority of contour pillows on the market because they're constructed with a one piece foam that makes it impossible to adjust and customize the internal fill to fit your exact head and neck.  That's why the SpineAlign Pillow uses a shredded internal fill that allows for customization of the pillow.  According to Dr. Loth, sleeping in incorrect posture can lead to many troubling symptoms such as insomnia, head/neck pain, headaches/migraines, disc herniations, numbness and tingling in the arms and hands, osteoarthritis, etc.  Just as we should make a habit of walking and sitting in correct posture, we also need to make sleeping in correct posture a top priority since we sleep for almost one third of our lives!"
SpineAlign Pillow

Where can you purchase a SpineAlign Pillow?
If you or someone you know suffer from insomnia or wake up with headaches, back aches or feeling stiff the SpineAlign Pillow is just what you've been needing!  If you're interested in purchasing one of these amazing pillows for only $149, you can simply visit their website.  You can save 5% using the unique coupon code: DECEMBER5 and you'll receive free shipping with your order as well!  They have a 100% money back guarantee and a 90 night free trial along with free shipping as well.  The SpineAlign Pillow contains certified flexible polyurethane foam, it fits a queen size pillow case and usually ships within just 2-3 business days which means you can start getting a great nights sleep in no time!  Curious what others think of this incredible pillow?  Check out their testimonials and see for yourself just what you've been missing. 

More information on the SpineAlign Pillow
If you'd like more information on new products or promotions you can visit SpineAlign's Facebook and Twitter

Do you have trouble sleeping at night or wake up feeling tired or stiff?  Who do you know in your life that could benefit from this incredible pillow?  Comment below!

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