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DIY Decorating on a Budget! - #DIY #Holidays

Holiday decorations can be expensive, especially for something that you only display for a short amount of time during the year.  DIY decorations can be fun and look just as beautiful as store bought decorations!  Here are some ideas for DIY decorations that won't cost you a fortune and that you'll have a blast making by yourself or with your loved ones.

Curious and CatCat

  • Acorns with cap
  • Glue
  • Small paint brush
  • Scissors
  • Thread or ribbon
  • Glitter
  1. Before you begin, make sure to clean the acorns.  This will help the glue and glitter stick to the acorns.
  2. Tie the ribbon or thread to the stem of the acorn then secure with a small dab of glue.  Make sure you use transparent glue and let dry.
  3. Next, apply a layer of glue to the acorn itself, leaving out the cap, and spread thoroughly using the paintbrush.
  4. Sprinkle on your festive colored glitter and make sure the acorn is covered completely.  Shake a couple times to remove excess glitter.
  5. Then let dry and enjoy your beautiful, holiday inspired acorn ornaments!

Baby Food Jar Snow Globes
Craftaholics Anonymous

  • Empty baby food jars
  • Mini artificial trees
  • Goo gone
  • Glass & bead glue or epoxy
  • Glitter (try to avoid clear or small/fine glitter)
  • Gold (or desired color) spray paint
  • Distilled water
  • Glycerin (can be found online at Amazon or you may be able to find it at your local Walmart pharmacy)
  1. Remove the labels and clean the glue off of the jars with the Goo Gone.
  2. Spray paint the lids gold or your desired color.
  3. Put a dab of glue on the inside lid of the jar and the bottom of the mini artificial tree.  Allow to dry for about a minute or two and then press the tree onto the lid and allow to dry for 24 hours.
  4. Add about 1 teaspoon of glitter into each jar.
  5. Fill each jar with distilled water and add 5 drops of Glycerin then screw the lid (with the tree attached) onto the top.

Parent Pretty
  • Clear glass ornaments
  • Floor cleaner such as Mop & Glo
  • Red, white and/or gold glitter
  • Black ribbon (3/4" thick)
  • Square embellishment (can be cut from cardboard)
  • Scissors
  • Mod Podge
  • Paint brush
  • Hot glue gun and one hot glue stick
  • Yarn or ribbon for hanging
  1. Remove the top of the ornament and pour about one tablespoon of floor cleaner (such as Mop  Glo) inside.  Swirl around to cover the interior and drain out.
  2. Pour a generous amount of red glitter into the ornament then cover the hole with your finger and shake to cover the interior with glitter.  Pour out the excess glitter and replace the top of the ornament.
  3. Add glitter to your square embellishment by applying Mod Podge with a paintbrush and tapping your white or gold glitter onto it.  Tap off any excess glitter and allow to dry for 15 minutes before picking it up.
  4. Cut the black ribbon so it goes all the way around the ornament with about a 1/2" overlap.  Using your paintbrush and Mod Podge, secure the ribbon around the ornament by dabbing the Mod Podge in just a few places.
  5. Using your hot glue gun, glue the embellishment to the front of your ornament.
  6. Tie a piece of yarn or ribbon to the loop at the top and hang on your tree.
Scissors and Spoons
  • Clean pine cones
  • Green and silver (or desired color) craft paint
  • Paint brush
  • Craft glue
  • Glitter
  • Small terracotta pots
  • Aluminum stars
  1. Carefully wash your pinecones with soapy water.  They may close while washing but after drying on newspaper for about a day they will open again.
  2. Paint your small terracotta pots silver or your desired color and paint the tips of each scale of the pine cones.
  3. While waiting for the paint to dry, apply a thin layer of glue on the edge of each scale and sprinkle glitter to give the appearance of frost or snow.
  4. After the glue dries, set each pint cone in each of the painted pots and top them with the aluminum stars. (Stars can be made out of craft foil)
My Eco Chic Wedding

  • Clean, empty can or cylindrical vase
  • Two sided tape
  • Rubber band
  • Candy canes
  • Wide ribbon (wider than the rubber band)
  • Roses or flowers of your choice
  1. Wrap the two sided tap around the vase/can one time about halfway down.  This will help keep the candy canes from sliding out from under the rubber band.
  2. Slide the rubber band around the vase/can.
  3. Begin inserting the candy canes behind the rubber band.
  4. Tie the ribbon around the vase/can making sure to cover the rubber band completely.
  5. Fill with water and roses or the flowers of your choosing.
Ideas and products

  • Styrofoam balls
  • Ribbon
  • Crepe paper
  • Scissors
  • Glitter
  • Faux pearls
  • Glue gun
  • Needle
  1. Using the needle, push the ribbon (long enough to tie a bow when finished) into the Styrofoam ball.
  2. Roll up crepe paper into a tube and cut into little squares.  Unravel it and bend the corner down to look like a triangle then twirl the remaining crepe paper around the triangle and continue twirling at an angle to make a rose.
  3. Seal and glue the rose onto the Styrofoam ball then repeat until you cover the entire ball.
  4. Apply the faux pearls and glitter wherever you'd like.

  • Wine glasses in various sizes
  • Cardboard
  • Pen
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • Small holiday figurines, trees or ornaments
  • Sugar
  • Superfine silver glitter (optional)
  • Ribbon or twine
  • Candles
  1. Create the base for the dioramas by placing the glasses upside down on cardboard and tracing around the outside edge.  Cut out the circles.
  2. Using the hot glue gun, arrange small figurines or decorations onto the cardboard.  Add glitter for a sparkling effect.
  3. Once the glue has dried, place the wine glass over the base to ensure everything fits.  Then, remove the base, flip over the wine glass and pour approximately 1/4th cup of white sugar into the glass.  Add a sprinkle of glitter to add to the snowy look.
  4. Replace the base of the diorama, nestling the glued figurines into the sugar until the base is level with the edge of the glass and secure with hot glue.
  5. Finish with a length of ribbon or twine then flip.  Top with candles for a beautifully festive look.

Share your favorite holiday inspired crafts or links below!

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