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*Week 2* Work at Home Wednesday - Part 2 - #WorkatHome #WAHM

This is week two, part two of the first Work at Home Wednesday article featuring information, tips, tricks and examples of how to prepare your own work at home resume.  Remember, a work at home resume is going to be very different from a resume you would create for a job out of the home.  If you missed the first part of this article, you can find it HERE.

Education History

If you don't have a steady or extensive work history such as a student right out of school or a stay at home mom who has been home with the kids for the past 5 years, you'll want to focus your skills and education.  Start your resume by listing your education including your GPA, coursework that's relevant to the position you're applying for and any volunteer work that you've done.  Then move onto your skills and continue on from there.
For someone with a steady work history, you'll still want to include your education in your resume, you'll just want to add it toward the end.

Example:    Education
University of South Florida                                                Tampa, Florida
B.A. in Business Administration/Marketing, May 2009

  • GPA:  3.85/4.0
  • Relevant Coursework:  Marketing Research, Marketing Analysis and Strategy, Principles of Management, Principles of Marketing, Entrepreneurial Marketing
  • Extracurricular: Volunteered with KidsPeace -,  Volunteered with MicroMentor sharing my knowledge with a small business owner.  Managing Director - Staffing with Islands Society.
Resume Example

Sample Resume #1:  This sample is for someone with a decent amount of work experience

Samantha Smith
1234 Employment St.  Work Place, FL 98765
(123) 555-0147

An organized and dedicated Business professional with over 7 years of work experience in marketing and advertising.  Aiming to parlay my proven marketing skills and background to prove my passion and enthusiasm for the Assistant Marketing Executive position.

  • Ability to work independently with little or no direction.
  • Ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines.
  • Goal oriented
  • Previous work at home experience as a Social Media Manager for a Fortune 500 company.
  • Ability to communicate with colleagues and superiors in a timely fashion
  • Professional and reliable seeking a long term position
  • Assets including high speed Internet connection, new computer system, printer, copier, fax machine, headset, land-line telephone service and quiet, undisturbed work atmosphere.
  • Strong social media skills and 6 years previous blogging experience advertising for hundreds of brands and businesses worldwide.
Professional Experience

Smarty Pants Educational Services Inc.                           Work Place, FL
Social Media Manager                                                 April 2009 - Present
  • Responsible for keeping Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube pages up to date with interesting articles, pictures and videos and responding to direct messages and replies to posts.
  • Researched current and up-to-date information about educational standards, curriculums and teaching methods.
  • Created worksheets, projects and presentations to assist K-12 teachers with certain subjects and shared them via social media platforms and the website's blog.
Chic Chica's Clothing Line                                               Miami/Dade, FL
Blog Contributor & Social Media Contributor                    February 2000 - April 2009
  • Responsible for seeking out fashion bloggers every quarter and shipping media samples to them as well as ensuring they each post reviews that include hi-resolution photos to their posts, share on their social media sites and retweet, re-pin or share their posts one the main company page.
  • Posted new clothing and accessories, each season's new fashions and provided fashion "hacks", tips and advice to fan's of the clothing line.
  • Responded to customer comments, issues and compliments to provide the utmost respect and outstanding customer service experience.
Private Practice                                                               Work Place, FL
Professional Blogger & Social Media Expert                        November 1999 - January 2011
  • Created and started a successful blog entitled Fashionable Mommy's Shopping List which included product reviews, giveaways, seasonal fashion tips and advice, informational video posts explaining the proper ways to apply beauty and cosmetics.
  • Started on older social media sites and worked my way up.  Eventually established over 200,000 fans on several sites.
  • Continuously researched new fashion and cosmetics, kept up with seasonal fashions and made sure to stay informed about new brands that I believed would turn out to be something special.


University of South Florida                                                    Tampa, FL
Bachelor's degree in Business Administration/Marketing

This was just one example of a resume that could be used.  With a little tweaking, someone with little work experience could use something similar by simply placing the educational experience first including volunteering information.  If you are someone without a lot of education and a lot of work experience, focus on volunteer experiences or your strongest skills.  Just remember to sound professional, keep your resume down to one page or two pages at the very most and sound original to make yourself stand out from the crowd.  
When working from home, starting with something small and easy is the best way to go.  Start with something you have experience with and work your way up.  There are plenty of seasonal or part time opportunities that will add to your experience and thus your resume!  
Below is a Resume Cheat Sheet to help you with your resume however remember what I said in the first part of this article.  You want to stay away from commonly used phrases such as "problem solver" or "team player" so try to put these phrases into your own words.
In the next "Work at Home Wednesday" we'll discuss how to find a genuine work from home opportunity and how to avoid frauds.  Right now, "Work at Home Wednesday" has been running every other Wednesday but once we get past the beginning lessons we'll be able to get back on track to have these posts up on a weekly basis.  So keep checking back for more information!  

If you could do any job or career from home, no matter what it is, what would you choose?  Comment below!  If you have any questions, feel free to comment below for that as well!

All information in this post was researched and written by me.  All opinions stated in this post are mine and unbiased.  I was not compensated for this post in any way.  For more information, please see the PR section of this site.  Copyright Shopping with the Couture Queen 2009-2015

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