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Popular 2015 Halloween Costumes for Boys & Men - #FalliingforAutumn

Halloween will be here in two weeks and I still haven't gotten Ashton his costume, let alone figure out what I'm going to dress up as when I take him trick or treating!  If you're unsure about what you or your family members are going to dress up as this year, don't fret!  I've researched some of the most popular male costume ideas for infants through adults and I will even be posting some home-made costume ideas later on, as well.  Check out these ideas below and let me know which one is your favorite in the comments below!

Costumes for Infants and Young Toddlers

Silly Strongman
Your little man may not be able to talk but you know he's the strongest guy on the block and with this adorable costume, everyone else will know too!  This costume comes with the outfit styled like a muscle tank top over "tattooed skin" and fastens at the back with Velcro and crotch snaps for easy diaper access.  Mesh sleeves and neck insert have a tattoo design and this even comes with a stuffed 9" long "1 ton" barbell.  

  • Sizes include XS (0-6 months) S (6-12 months) M (12-18 months) L (18-2T) - sizing chart can be found at this link.
Silly Strongman - $24.99
Lil Garden Gnome
Regular garden gnomes are cute but imagine your little one as a walking, talking garden gnome!  Not only will your child be so much cuter but you can play tricks on your neighbors and friends as well!  This costume includes the jumpsuit, hat with attached beard and foot covers.

  • Sizes include S (6-12 months) M (12-18 months) L (18-2T) - sizing chart can be found at this link.
Lil Garden Gnome - $28.99
Tootsie Roll
This bunting costume is perfect for your little one and everyone you pass will think he's the sweetest trick or treater on the block in this adorable Tootsie Roll costume.  Available online only!
  • Sizes range from 3 to 9 months
Absolutely adorable from head to talon, this costume is going to be a real "hoot" with everyone in the neighborhood!  With the bright colors you can relax knowing your little owl will be visible whether you're at a Halloween Party or trick or treating.  This costume includes a hood and slip on booties with the costume

  • Sizes include 6-12 months, 12-18 months and 18 months to 2T - size chart can be found at this link.
What a Hoot Owl - $19.99
Playful Pony
If your little pony loves to gallop around the house or have a blast outside, this playful pony costume is perfect for him!  This adorable costume includes a brown jumpsuit with a red bandanna attached, a stuffed horse headpiece and horse hoof foot covers with horse shoes printed on them to complete the look.

  • Sizes include Small (6-12 months) Medium (12-18 months) and Large (18 months-2T)
Playful Pony - $54.99

Costumes for Older Toddlers & Children

Astronaut (White)
Has your little man ever dreamed of exploring the depths of outer space or travelling to the moon?  This officially licensed NASA costume includes an official-looking, top quality jumpsuit, padded neck collar ring, chest and waist harness buckles and embroidered NASA patches. *some accessories not included*

  • Sizes include 2-3, 4-6, 8-10, 12-14 - sizing chart can be found at this link.
Astronaut (white) - $14.99
Your son can help The Avengers save the world as the mean, green, fighting machine - The Hulk, licensed from the 2012 movie!  This costume comes with a green jumpsuit that fastens with velcro at the back of the neck and has an elastic back waistband.  Styled as tattered cropped pants & a bare chest with strong muscle details. Soft-sculpted fiberfill padding enhances the muscles on the chest and shoulders for a true, rough and tough look!  Molded PVC mask with elastic band for security finishes the look.  *Additional Accessories not included*

  • Sizes include: small (4-6) medium (7-8) and large (10-12) - Size chart can be found at this link.
The Avengers:Hulk - $24.99
Your little man can help his friend Mario save Princess Peach as Luigi this Halloween!  Dressed in his signature jumpsuit, ready to save the day, this costume also comes with gloves, hat, inflatable belly and let's not forget his signature mustache!  Perfect as a single costume or in a group!
  • Sizes include: Small (4-6) Medium (7-8) and Large (10-12) - Size chart can be found at this link.
Luigi Deluxe - $30.00

Guardians of the Galaxy has been a huge hit this year and Rocket Raccoon is one of my favorite characters.  He proves that you can be small and still kick some butt!  This costume includes the jumpsuit, mask, holster and backpack.  Other accessories are sold separately.  This costume is not sold in store, only online.
  • Sizes include Small (4-6) Medium (8-10) and Large (12-14) - Size chart can be found on site.
Gardians of the Galaxy Deluxe Rocket Raccoon - $34.99

Costumes for Teens & Adults

If your teen is a fan of Futurama, he's going to love this costume!  Officially licensed and made in the US, this is sure to be a huge hit at Halloween Parties or trick or treating.   Grey polyfoam tunic top with plastic hoop in the shoulders for shaping, a foam Bender headpiece attached to the top of the tunic with a mesh screen for vision at the mouth and grey elastic waist paints with foam boot covers shaped just like Bender's feet.  Just make sure your teen keeps an eye out for the police force from the 31st century because with a long rap sheet like Bender's and this great looking costume, he could easily be mistaken for the actual Bender! 
  • Sizes include Teen (16-18) *Only 4 left!* Adult Plus, Adult Standard and Kids sizes also available.  Size chart is available on the site.
Bender from Futurama - $78.99 or rent for $39.49
With this detailed Steampunk costume you can create an adventure of a lifetime!  Command your crew through time to fight off sci-fi villains or other forces of evil.  This costume includes a vest with attached chain, hat, goggles, shoulder piece, fingerless gloves and cuff.  Pants, white shirt, staff and shoes are not included however many Steampunk accessories can be found on this site to help you complete the look and win your favorite costume contest or just impress everyone you pass by while trick or treating!  
  • Sizes include Adult Medium, Adult Large and Adult Extra Large.  Sizing chart can be found on the site.
Steampunk Traveler Men's Costume - $59.99
El Novio Muerto (Dia De Los Muertos)
Sugar skull costumes aren't only for women, men can dress up for Dia De Los Muertos too and look dapper!  This costume includes the printed jacket, top hat, sleeveless shirt with attached bow tie, Boutonniere and two makeup sheets.  Pants and shoes are not included.
  • Sizes Large and Extra Large are available and size chart is available on this site.
El Novio Muerto - $59.99
Homer Simpson
If you have a love for donuts, work in a nuclear power plant or say "D'OH!" a lot, this costume is just for you!  This Homer Simpson costume includes a pullover shirt with yellow sleeves, pants with an elastic waistband, foam boot covers with elastic band under foot, tie-able stuffed belly to put under shirt, yellow gloves and mask.  Additional accessories to really complete the look include a Duff Can koozie or a donut with sprinkles!

  • Sizes include Small, Medium and Extra Large - size chart available on the website.
Homer Simpson - $58.99
These are just some of the fun and unique Halloween costume ideas for boys and Men of all ages for 2015.  If you're a man or if you have a son, what are they planning on dressing up as this year?  Comment below!  Next up - girls and Women costumes!!

This is a non compensated post.  All costumes are linked to the stores currently selling them.  Any opinions stated in this post are mine and unbiased.  For more information please read the PR Pitch of this site.  Copyright Shopping with the Couture Queen ( 2009-2015.

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