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Family-Friendly Fun with Light in the Dark - #App #Review & #Giveaway

I always like to make sure I have a few fun apps downloaded onto my smart phone and tablet just in case we go on a long car trip or for times when I am super busy and don't have time to help Ashton entertain himself.  We absolutely love puzzle games so when Dreamgate Studios asked me to review their newest game Light in the Dark, I was more than happy to oblige!

More Information on Dreamgate Studios 
According to their website, "Established in 2011, Dreamgate Studios is an independent mobile game developer based in Canberra, Australia.  Dreamgate intends to create memorable gaming experiences through unique game-play and specialized experiences.  With a primary focus on strategic games, Dreamgate seeks to deliver the AAA experience under the 'Indie' banner."
More Information on Light in the Dark
According to their website, "Be enlightened by this delightful puzzle game that has never before seen the light of day!  Help the Totems find their adorable lost children in this light bending, color blending puzzle game.  The Totems shine brightly as you are tasked with solving each challenging and fun filled scenario!  Move boxes, slide lenses and adjust mirrors so the Totem's light can awaken the slumbering babies!  Only YOU can help the Totems save their babies!  But beware the monsters that lurk in the darkness..."
Feature Include:
  • Unique Game play
  • Easy to play, yet difficult to master
  • 96 Challenging Levels (with more to come soon!)
  • Collect a 3 star rating for each level
  • Over 30 in-game achievements
  • Color blind mode
  • Hints available to assist players in difficult levels.
  • Share your scores with rivals on Facebook or Twitter
Future Content (Coming soon!)
  • More levels!  24 FREE levels coming soon in the Egyptian pack
  • More themes!  New game play mechanics, puzzles and levels set in a new mysterious zone
  • New Pharaoh's Tomb!  Think the game was too easy?  Challenge Mode will test your skill (only recommended for expert players; consult your doctor first!)
This game is available for download in the Apple store, Google Play or the Window's Phone Store
My Review
Immediately after downloading this app onto my tablet, Ashton was ready to try this game out for himself.  After an hour passed without hearing a peep from him, I went into his room to find him still playing this game.  Games rarely keep his attention this long so I was intrigued!  I had to try this out for myself so when he went to sleep that night I grabbed my tablet and started playing.  
At the beginning of the game we discover that the adorable babies of the Totems, a colorful undiscovered species, have lost their way in an ancient labyrinth tomb.  The goal of the game is to reunite these cute little babies with their parents by solving perplexing puzzles and avoiding dangerous enemies such as cute little mummies and sandmen.  These villains force players to make their moves quickly as these opponents can end a level after a certain amount of time has passed or even tackle the poor parent Totems.  Gamers simply swipe the screen to move mirrors. which bend light.  Players can also reposition the parent Totems, which illuminate surrounding areas in one of three colors.  The baby Totems are only reunited with their parents when basking in the glow of their own preferred color.  To create colors, which are different from those emitted by the parent Totems, players must blend the light of the parents with each other.  To unlock all of the content in Light in the Dark, gamers must also spotlight stars on each level, in addition to the baby totems.  The more stars you highlight, the more levels they reveal!  
Not only is Light in the Dark absolutely adorable but it's also very addictive!  Before I knew it two hours has passed and I still didn't want to stop playing.  This game is a ton of fun and has even received a lot of positive reviews in the Google Play store!  I very highly recommend this app for anyone looking for a fun puzzle game that's easy enough for the little ones to enjoy but challenging enough for parents to play too.  
You can purchase your own copy of Light in the Dark wherever you purchase your favorite apps for only $1.99.  
If you have an Android device you can purchase the game HERE.
If you have an Apple device you can purchase the game HERE.
If you have a Windows phone or device you can purchase the game HERE.
The game also offers in-app purchases.  For more information you can visit the Dreamgate Studios website.
Giveaway Time!
Two lucky winners are going to receive a code to download this game to their Apple Device for free!  Here's how:

I received compensation and a free product to help facilitate this review.  All opinions stated in this post are mine and unbiased.  For more information please see the PR section of this site.  Copyright Shopping with the Couture Queen 2009-2014.

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