Friday, October 10, 2014

Terrifyingly Easy #DIY Halloween Decorations

After purchasing Ashton's costume for Halloween, we are short on cash for decorations.  So this year I've decided I'm going to find some creepy DIY decorations instead!  Here are some of the some of the ones I'm thinking of using.

Easy Glowing Eyes (
These creepy, glowing eyes are not only incredibly easy to make but you can put them anywhere to scare anyone walking past.  Hide them in the bushes, up in the trees, anywhere you think trick or treaters will see them and sit back and enjoy the show!

Bloody Handprint Window Cling (

With some Elmer's glue and red food coloring you can make any room with windows or mirrors look like a bloody crime scene with creepy bloody handprint!  They cling to just about any smooth surface and peel right off.

Monster Halloween Wreath -

This adorable monster wreath is not only easy to make but it's perfect for those of you that prefer to keep your Halloween decorations kid-friendly.  You can even recycle an old Christmas pine cone wreath or pick up pine cones around the yard.

Glass Jar Lights and other Luminaries -

If you have a walkway leading up to your home, these luminaries will help light the way for all of the trick or treaters and they're also absolutely adorable and so easy to make!

Scary Window Silhouettes -
With some black cardboard, scissors, a few lights and a little imagination and you can put up some terrifying silhouettes in your windows and give the trick or treaters a fright they won't forget!

Spider Covered Door -

This simple project will make unwanted visitors think twice about coming to your front door!  You can even change it up a little and move them daily for an even more realistic look!

Mummy Front Door -
Mummify your front door with this simple crepe paper design!  It's simple to put up and perfect for younger trick or treaters who aren't old enough for all the scarier Halloween decorations

Halloween Candles -
These Halloween candles look like you bought them at the store but you can make them all on your own in just three simple steps!  This festive technique is one you'll use year after year!

Rolled Book Paper Pumpkin -
Not all Halloween decorations need to be scary!  This beautiful rolled book paper pumpkin is easy to make and absolutely beautiful.  This vintage look will have your friends and neighbors asking you where you bought it!

Will you be trying any of these easy DIY Halloween decorations?  Leave your own DIY Halloween decoration ideas in the comments!

I was not compensated for this post.  None of these ideas are mine and are all copyright to their respective owners.  I have provided links for all projects.  All opinions stated in this post are my own.  Copyright 2009-2014 Shopping with the Couture Queen.

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