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Have a Blast with Fun, Family Activities and #Rally4Recess with Danimals! - #Review

Danimals Kid's Yogurt is one of Ashton's favorite after school snacks.  They are always delicious and hassle-free, something I can grab for him quickly so I can get back to work.  I have been a fan of theirs on Facebook for quite a while and have always loved the activities and special promotions they featured.  I started working with Dannon a little while back and have had the opportunity to learn even more about the company and what they stand for.  Dannon Danimals recently launched their Rally for Recess: Path to Play promotion which is spreading the word about the importance of recess!

More Information on Rally for Recess
According to their website, "Kids and recess belong together.  That's why Danimals and Danonino want to supercharge your school's recess with the chance to win great playground-related prizes.  You can also play to win a $1,000 Playtime At Home Prize."
Rally for Recess is really easy and a ton of fun!  The first step is to collect codes which can be found on specially marked Danimals and Danonino products or get a free code by mail.  Next, sign up right on the Danimals website and enter to win codes for points.  Finally you save up those points to help your school.  Get the most points in your school league or earn points for the playtime at home prize, it's completely up to you!  This is a wonderful opportunity to get your children outside and participate in fun activities that are a blast for the entire family! 

My Review
My friends at Danimals sent me a great poster to help us with activities and a fun way to keep track of your family activities.  I decided to donate my points to Ashton's school and so far we've been able to complete one activity.  Josh, Ashton, our friend Liz and I all decided to try out the egg run activity.  We put our eggs onto a tablespoon and had several different races against each other over 20 meters.  We each lined up behind a ribbon I found to use as a starting line and we started out slow by running for only about 10 meters then after Ashton got the idea of the game we moved it back to 20 and then 30 meters.  Little did I realize just how out of shape I am and how much I need to start exercising! 
 I can honestly say I only won one time and I think Josh and Liz let me win.  Ashton won a couple times and we couldn't stop giggling whenever his daddy would take off, trying to get to the finish line before anyone else without being careful not to drop his egg!  Quite a few times they fell on the ground but I'm very surprised that the majority of the time the eggs didn't break as they fell onto the soft grass.  We didn't end up using a full dozen eggs because there were only 3 times where Josh dropped his egg and either stepped on it or it went flying.  
Ashton had an absolute blast as did the rest of us and we plan on working on our next challenge which will be the Art Challenge.  In this activity we'll head outdoors and paint or draw a picture of our favorite local spot.  I'll post a picture of our works of art as soon as they're finished!  
If you're looking for a fantastic opportunity to donate to your child's school or try your hand at winning a $1,000 Playtime at Home prize!  You can find your very own poster to keep track of your activities HERE.  I highly recommend this to everyone that has children, this is a wonderful opportunity to bond and help spread the importance of recess!  
Shopaholic Rating - 6 out of 5 shopping bags!  Let's all Rally for Recess and help Danimals spread the word on the importance of recess!

Where Can You Find More Information about Rally for Recess?
If you're interested in participating in Rally for Recess to help your school or earn points toward a $1,000 Playtime at Home prize be sure to visit their website for more information!  Here you'll also find the official rules and follow the directions to get free points.  You can also find Rally Tools to help you make this experience more personal and that much more enjoyable for the whole family! For more up to date information be sure to check out Danimals on Facebook and Twitter!

I received a free product to help facilitate this review.  Any and all opinions stated in this post are mine and unbiased.  For more information please see my disclosure policy located in the PR section of my site.

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