Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Photo Fun for the Entire Family - #Article

Don't Forget the Little Ones!
The holidays are the perfect time to take fun photos of the whole family. The photo shoot itself does not have to fall directly on the holiday. You can plan photos for days that suit everyone’s schedule, and when everyone has time to get decked out in their favorite costume or holiday apparel. 
In addition to creating lasting memories, the photos make great artwork for holiday cards. Your friends and your long-distance relatives will appreciate getting a customized card of the whole group. Here are some costume and apparel ideas for everyone.

Halloween Fun
Sometimes parents take photos of the kids in costume and miss the chance for a full family photo. Join in the fun to create a great Halloween memory. Choose a common theme, if you wish, such as scary or spooky costumes. These include zombie family, vampire family, werewolf family and witch family. Dress up infants as well – for a vampire theme, your baby can wear a baby vampire costume, for example.
Do not forget to include the family pets. Many stores do carry costumes for the four-legged creatures among us.
If your family’s tastes run to the more light-hearted and less spooky, consider dressing everyone as cheerleaders, fruit, insects, or rock and rollers. If you decide that your family is an awesome rock ‘n rolling family, let everyone pick what kind of rocker they want to be. Add a wild wig and faux leather jacket to the cat or dog and turn your baby into a rocker baby with Rock n Roll Onesies. These onesies come in colors suitable for either boys or girls and feature rock and roll slogans or popular band logos.

Christmas Photos
You have several options for great family photos around Christmas. If you plan to use the photos on cards, get the photos done weeks before so that you will have plenty of time. Decide if you want your group to go with a formal look, or a humorous look – you can also choose to do both, of course.
Formal photos do not have to feel stuffy. Nice suits and dresses look great, but so do pants and festive sweaters. Dress the babies in red or green onesies.
For the light-hearted photos, consider reindeer antlers or Santa hats for the whole family. Many retail stores sell infant-sized Santa hats and, at some costume shops, you can even find full-sized reindeer costumes for these little ones. Remember the hat or reindeer antlers for your pets, too.

Contribution made by Alex Summers,  I did not write this article.  For more information on my disclosure policies please see the PR section of this site.

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