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Give the Gift of Flight, R/C Style with Xenon Project - #Review - #HolidayGiftGuide

Growing up, I remember my father flying R/C planes of all kinds and how enthralled my little brother was with them.  15 years later a lot has changed in the world of R/C and I'm very excited to share our experiences with one of the most enjoyable, electric R/C Helicopters I've ever had the opportunity to try, all thanks to an amazing company called

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According to their website, " is a toy and hobby company that is dedicated to delivering a wide range of quality remote control products to you - the RC toy enthusiast."
"Both founders developed a love for high-end toys, specifically Remote Control toys, which they saw as being extremely fun-to-use for all ages and having great technology.  From there, the founders developed a vision to provide the public with enjoyment of these products."
" is dedicated to meeting the RC Toy needs of everyone - from beginners to experts.  We sell a wide variety of remote control products, including: Nitro Gas Buggies, Nitro Gas Trucks, RC Airplanes, RC Helicopters, and RC parts and accessories.  We carry large inventories of retail-packaged products and will also be introducing our own product line shortly."
"Our mission at is to provide our customers with top of the line and easy-to-operate RC products with an enhanced and satisfying online shopping experience.  We achieve this mission by putting our customers first.  The functionality of our site is to provide you with a convenient view of all of our products, so you may select the product of your choice quickly and accurately and have it on your doorstep for your enjoyment in a most timely fashion."
"We hope to serve you in the near future and we hope you enjoy your RC products.  Play Hard!"
My Review
The incredible people with gave me the option of choosing from several different RC Helicopters for review and I must admit it was a hard choice!  All of them looked like a lot of fun but in the end we decided upon the S109G Mini Gyro Remote Control Helicopter in Green.  One thing that caught my eye immediately is there there was no assembly required.  I remember, as a child, how all of my dad's remote control airplanes required at least some assembly.  
The latest S109G Mini Gyro from Syma is equipped with a 4-in-1 infra-red receiver (Gyro, ESC, Mixer and Receiver).  It is palm sized (only 8.5 inches long) and has a beautifully detailed fuselage, decorated with flashing LED lights which makes the visual effect amazing, especially in a soft light indoor area.  Since this helicopter is light-weight it is amazingly almost indestructible in any crash which makes it perfect for beginners.  We found out just how indestructible it is after crash landing quite a few times as we were getting the hang of the remote control.  At first I was very worried that we would break one of the blades was absolutely impressed with how sturdy this small helicopter is. 
I love the fact that this can be used indoors, it's low humming sound is not bothersome at all and it is a lot of fun practice landing onto pillows or the couch without having to worry about breaking anything valuable.  The only thing that confused me about this product was the actual warning label on the blades.  (This has nothing to do with and found this to be actually quite hilarious!  The warning label on the blade says, and I quote "Warning!  If blade damage, don't be fly.  Otherwise it will create the human body or blame damage."  I haven't damaged any of the blades so far but I'll let everyone know if damage to the blades creates any human bodies or blames damage. ;)
This R/C helicopter is recommended for ages 7 and up and features:

  • Vernier adjustment knob
  • Double protection
  • Flash Light
  • Indoor Flight
  • 3D full function
  • Built-in GYRO
And the box includes:
  • Helicopter 
  • Remote Controller
  • USB Cable
  • Extra Tail Blade
  • and User Manual
I very highly recommend this product to anyone with a child (or adult) interested in remote control helicopters.  Amazingly, this product retails for $49.99 but is currently sold on the website for only $29.99.  At this price, how can you resist?  This would make an incredibly fun and exciting holiday gift, sure to put a big smile on your child or child at heart!  

Shopaholic Rating: 5 out of 5 Shopping Bags - Smooth indoor flight and a lot of fun for all ages, even my kittens had a ball chasing it around the living room!  I just wish my camera was working so I could've shown ya'll some incredible in air maneuvers Josh managed to pull off.  Once we get a new one I will be sure to post some pictures!
Where can you Purchase the S109G Mini Gyro Remote Control Helicopter?
If you're interested in purchasing this incredible mini Remote Control Helicopter or if you'd like to see what other amazing Remote Control toys has to offer, simply browse through their website.  The S109G Mini Gyro Remote Control Helicopter is offered on their site for only $29.99, a price you just can't beat for the hours of fun you will get enjoy with this mini helicopter!  For more up to date information be sure to follow them on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter!

I received a free product to help facilitate this review.  Any and all opinions expressed in this post are mine and unbiased.  For more information please see the disclosure policy located in the PR section of this site.

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  1. With my husband, 6 yr old, and 4 yr old, we have about 5 of these. we only have so many because they use them till the batteries die and then grab another. They are so much fun!


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