Wednesday, September 12, 2012

How would Men Cope if Women Went on Strike? #Article

How would men cope if women went on strike?

Strike action is commonplace in the UK, from teachers disputing changes to their pensions, to train drivers demanding pay increases. Workers from almost every industry regularly down tools, reminding both the government and the country of their importance and solidarity.

Yet there’s a huge percentage of the British workforce who are not willing go on strike: women. Despite making up 49.3% of the 24.2 million employees in Britain, the fairer sex is still shouldering the majority of household duties. Whilst men are beginning to take a more hands-on role when it comes to caring for children, the gender gap is still massive as far as cleaning, cooking and ironing are concerned.

The economic crisis is also forcing more and more women into unemployment, with 32,000 women losing their jobs in the last quarter of 2011, compared to 16,000 men. As women are currently paid 20.4% less than men in the private sector, they are usually the ones to give up their jobs and look after the kids.

So what would actually happen if every woman across the country handed over the responsibility of the home to their partners, and hit the streets, calling for equal rights in all areas of life?


Your other half may claim to be a dab hand at DIY, but does he really have any idea how the dials on your new hoover washing machine from work? Dirty clothing and dishes would pile up and resemble mountain ranges, whilst the bathroom would quickly start to smell distinctly sour, as the toilet brush and bleach lie neglected and forgotten.

Lots of men love to cook, but many of them would buckle under the pressure of having to provide nutritious food for hungry mouths each and every day. Local shops and garages would sell out of microwave meals and calorie-laden snacks, leading to children rioting in schools, high on sugar and E-numbers.


Whilst men on average may earn more, they often find it very difficult to hold on to their cash. With bills mounting up as the women parade the streets, they may find it difficult to justify that new set of golf clubs when they see how much it really costs to feed a family of four every week.

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  1. Very interesting! I definitely agree with some of those points


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