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Incredible 4G Service at Incredible Prices with MetroPCS - #Review

Some of my absolute favorite sponsors are ones I work with locally.  Out of all of them, MetroPCS Tampa is my absolute favorite.  Besides working with some of the kindest people I've ever had the opportunity to meet, the products I've had the chance to review are always amazing and offered at such incredible prices!  Best of all, there's no contracts to sign and no hidden fees.  You just can't find 4G LTE service at these prices anywhere else!

What is Metro PCS?
According to their website, "MetroPCS is America's leader in no-annual-contract cell phone service, providing not just great wireless service, but the complete freedome and convenience that goes along with nationwide coverage.  We offer unlimited talk, text, and web cell phone plans with all-in pricing, applicable taxes and regulatory fees included.  That means there are no unhappy surprises or additional charges with our no-annual-contract cell phone plans."
"Wireless for All means we strive to be predictable, flexible, and affordable for all of our customers.  With MetroPCS, what you see is what you pay.  Your monthly cell phone bill never changes because state and local taxes and regulatory fees are already included.  Some think predictability is boring; we say it's just common sense."
"MetroPCS is making it easier for everyone to enjoy nationwide cell phone services.  Pick from our smart phones or feature phones and add only the features and services you need: GPS navigation, international text messaging, unlimited calling to Mexico, etc.  You also have plenty of options for paying your bill: in store, online, at a kiosk or by phone."
"No matter what your mobile lifestyle is, MetroPCS has you covered.  We offer a diverse lineup of affordable cell phones, smart phones and feature phones that work on our nationwide network.  Combined with our inexpensive cell phone plans, MetroPCS is the best value for mobile service."
MetroPCS offers it's over 9 million subscribers tons of great phone options!  Here are just a couple of my favorites.
Huawei Pinnacle - $59 + tax
The Huawei Pinnacle includes a 1.3 MP camera with video capture, GPS technology, MP3 music player and stereo Bluetooth connectivity all for only $59 plus tax!
HTC Wildfire S - $129 + tax
The HTC Wildfire S includes the Android platform - 2.3 Gingerbread + HTC Sense (for a phone you can make your own), a 5mp camera with auto-focus, LED flash and video, an FM stereo (headset required) and a 3.2" capacitive touchscreen.  

My Review
My great friends at MetroPCS Tampa recently upgraded my Samsung Admire smartphone with the ne new Samsung Galaxy Attain 4G.  While I loved my Admire, I must say the Galaxy Attain has really impressed me!  I love the 4GLTE connectivity which allows me to surf the web anywhere I go.  I love being able to check my email or search for something on Google no matter where I am.  It also comes with Rhapsody Unlmited already downloaded so you can listen to your favorite songs, watch movies, TV shows and more, right from your phone.  
You never know when the kids will do something cute or when something exciting will happen so I love having a 3MP rear camera with auto-focus and LED flash and the front 1.3 MP camera allows us to Skype and video chat with ease!  I also love the large 3.5" capacitive touchscreen which makes it easy for me to select the apps I want, every time instead of accidently opening 2 or 3 before I get to the right one.
One thing I noticed right off the bat is how much more space this phone has compared to the Admire I reviewed a few months ago.  We are able to put twice (so far) the apps on this phone and we still have plenty of room to spare!  I love how easy this phone is to use to, perfect for an amateur or first time smart phone user.  I am VERY impressed with my new Samsung Galaxy Attain 4G and I very highly recommend this phone and especially Metro PCS for anyone looking to save money on their cell phone bill each month without sacrificing service.  
Shopaholic Rating: 6 out of 5 Shopping Bags - For an unlimited 4GLTE plan with this beautiful phone for only $70 a month you just can't beat it!  

Where can you pick up your own Samsung Galaxy Attain 4G?
If you'd like to purchase the Samsung Galaxy 4G or if you'd like to see what other incredible phones Metro PCS has to offer be sure to check out their website!  There you'll also find more information about their great plans and services and accessories.  You can also browse the Metro Market for great ringtones, music, videos, apps and more great stuff to customize your phone.  You can also check to see if MetroPCS offers coverage in your area.  For more up to date information on new products and promotions be sure to follow MetroPCS Tampa on Facebook and Twitter!

I received a free product (on loan until 12/22/12) to help facilitate this review.  The opinions stated in this post are mine and unbiased.  For more information please see my disclosure policy located in the PR section of this site.

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