Thursday, May 17, 2012

Protect your Eyes with a Gorgeous Pair of Shades from Euro Wear - #Review

I suffer from horrible migraines and with summer right around the corner, it seems like every day the sun gets just a little brighter.  On days, like today, where my head is splitting the light can be unbearable.  Even before the migraine comes on, I find myself squinting whenever I'm out and about and it really puts a strain on my eyes.     So I've been in the market for a cute new pair of sunglasses for a little while now.  I recently had the opportunity to be the first blogger ever to work with an incredible company called Kachina, an importer of wholesale sunglasses and other fashionable products.  They introduced me to their beautiful line of Euro Wear Sunglasses and I've fallen in love!

More information on Kachina LLC and Euro Wear
According to their website, "Kachina LLC is located in the heart of Orange County's Business District in the city of Santa Ana, California.  We are a private company established in 2001 as an importer of wholesale sunglasses and various fashion accessories, including swim wear.  Our mission has always been to provide world class customer service while delivering the best possible service, selection and quality at various price points and needs."
I recently went searching through their online selection and fell in love with several cute pairs of sunglasses.  Here are just a couple that caught my eye.
1501 Diamond - $48.00
1406 Gold - $32.00
My Review
I received a beautiful pair of sunglasses (1343 Silver) from Euro Wear and I have been wearing them everywhere!   I love big sunglasses and these are big and fabulous!  I love the way they look and they seem to be high quality sunglasses.  Besides being extremely affordable, these sunglasses provide 100% UV 400 protection from the sun, polycarbonate constructed lenses, and anti-scratch protection with a lifetime guarantee on all of their sunglasses. 
I love my new sunglasses and love how stylish they are!  I would recommend these sunglasses or any Euro-Wear sunglasses on the Kachina website.  While you're there be sure to check out their other beautiful fashion accessories!
Shopaholic Rating: 4.5 out of 5 - I love everything about these sunglasses though I do feel they are a bit pricey.  But if they last me more than a few months, they will be well worth the price. I'd also like to see them carry a few different pairs of children's sunglasses as well.

Where can you find a pair of 1343 Silver Sunglasses?
If you're interested in purchasing the pair of sunglasses I reviewed or if you'd like to see what else Kachina and Euro Wear has to offer be sure to check out their website!  As I mentioned before, you'll find some gorgeous fashion accessories as well as a nice selection of great sunglasses for men, women and children!  For more up to date information be sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter!

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