Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Heading Back to College? Save 40%-90% on Book with CampusBookRentals! - #Information

After taking a longer break than I expected, I am planning on heading back to college to finally obtain my degree and become a Substance Abuse Expert.  One thing I've noticed, though, is it seems like the cost of going back to school has doubled, if not tripled, since the last time I looked into it a few years back.  So I've been researching ways to save a little bit of money in the process.  I was recently contacted by and I am very excited to share them with all of you Shopaholics looking to go back to school!

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According to their website, " began renting textbooks in August 2007.  Since then, we've served thousands and thousands of customers on more than 5,000 different college campuses in the fabulous USA.  You can be confident in our customer service and reliability.  We work like maniacs to get books to our customers on time, make things right when something goes wrong, and provide fast and responsive customer service."
"At we offer virtually any textbook for rent, we pay students for referring friends, we award scholarships every semester, and we contribute a portion of the rental proceeds to a worthy humanitarian project each year."

Here are 7 reasons why you should rent your textbooks from
  1. Their customer service is second to none.
  2. They have nearly every book available for rent.
  3. They ship books on time.
  4. They give you a prepaid return envelope to send your books back in.
  5. You can actually get a hold of them & they actually respond to emails.
  6. Every rental comes with a 30 day worry free guarantee and 15 day grace period.
  7. Their customer service is second to none.
Some of the things that really stuck out about is the fact that you will save 40% - 90% off bookstore prices, you don't have to worry about paying for shipping either way, and you can even highlight in the textbooks just like you would if you had bought the book!  They have very flexible renting periods and best of all they donate to Operation Smile with each and every textbook purchase!
So the next time you head back to college and need to pick up textbooks, save money and frustration and go with!

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  1. This sounds like a good idea. I always buy my books for a ridiculously high amount and sell them back for a pitifully low amount.


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