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Gluten-Free Can Be Delicious - Udi's Review

Do you or someone you know suffer from a gluten sensitivity?  Or perhaps you're just looking to eat a little healthier and you've chosen to go the gluten-free route?  Though I don't have a sensitivity, I have tried gluten-free products before and found them to be pretty bland and tasteless.  That was until I tried Udi's Gluten-free for the first time!

What is Udi's?
According to their website, "Udi Baron and his wife Fern founded Udi The Sandwich Man in Denver, Colorado in 1994. Their premise was simple: everyone loves delicious food—why not make some? In the years since, with their daughter Robin and son Etai also on board, and with continued attention to superior ingredient quality, great culinary sense, and excellent customer service, what started as a small ready-to-eat sandwich business has grown into six thriving family businesses: a local artisan bakery (where we bake our legendary Udi’s breads), a catering company with a state-of-the-art kitchen where we make everything in-house, five cafes, new middle eastern restaurantPickled Lemon, and two national companies: Udi’s Gluten-free and Udi’s Granola."
Here are some examples of the delicious gluten-free foods Udi's has to offer.
Lemon Streusel Muffins - $6 for 1 pack of 4
Uncured Pepperoni Pizza - Available at most whole food stores
Cinnamon Raisin Bagel - $6 for 1 pack of 4
My Review
I had the opportunity to review Udi's Chocolate-Chia and Blueberry Oat Muffin Tops as well as a package of their scrumptious Snickerdoodle Cookies and Dark Chocolate Brownie Bites. One thing that we noticed right away was how flavorful Udi's is compare to other gluten-free brands we've tried in the past.  I really enjoyed the cookies and Ashton loved the brownie bites.  The muffin tops made a great snack I could easily send to school with Ashton since they are individually wrapped.  The only thing that might count as a negative with Udi's is the fact that they start to mold and go bad within a few days.  But since they come in packages of four, it's very easy to eat them before they mold.  I highly recommend Udi's to anyone suffering from a gluten-free sensitivity or anyone just looking to lower the amount of gluten in their diets.  It's a delicious alternative to the other dry, tasteless, gluten-free products on the market!
Shopaholic Rating: 4.5 out of 5 - Delicious and nutritious Udi's gluten-free foods are a wonderful treat!
Where can you purchase Udi's Gluten-Free foods?
If you're interested in trying any of the products featured in this review or if you'd like to see what else Udi's has to offer simply visit their website.  You can purchase any of the Udi's products right from their site or find a store near you.  Udi's also has a Gluten-Free Community full of great recipes, information and more!  For more up to date information make sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter.  

I received some free products to help facilitate this review.  The opinions stated in this post are mine and unbiased.  For more information please see the disclosure policy located in the PR section of this site.

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  1. UDI had a great promotion around Christmas time, which let us try some of their products for free. I must say that they really were better than I thought they would be. The only reason we have not integrated more of their foods into our diet has been the price. After searching several stores for their bread, I finally found a loaf in the freezer section of a supermarket an hour away and it was over $7.00. I'm hoping the prices come down a bit since I'd like to have more gluten free items in our diet.


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