Monday, February 20, 2012

The Look of Real. The Price of Faux - Say Hello Diamonds Review

Just about every woman I know was hoping for a nice piece of jewelry for Valentine's Day.  But not all of us can afford a beautiful diamond tennis bracelet or earrings.  A few weeks before Valentine's Day I was contacted by a company called Say Hello Diamonds.  They specialize in replica diamonds that look so stunningly real that they've fooled several of my friends and relatives.  

More information on Say Hello Diamonds
According to their website, "Each replica diamond goes through a rigid selection process by our Say Hello Diamond experts.  These specialists analyze the weight, cut, and shine of each stone before it can be called a Say Hello Diamond.  Each replica diamond is polished, packaged, and presented to our Say Hello Inspection Team.  From there, our inspection team begins a 3-step review process; Look, Shake, Ensure. During this process, we analyze the physical properties and test the durability of each diamond replica.  Replica diamonds that meet rigid criteria set forth are lucky enough to be called, Say Hello Diamonds."
"You'll love Say Hello Diamond products but if you're not completely satisfied, feel free to take advantage of our 100% refund or exchange program.  We handle each customer like we do our Say Hello Diamonds; with attention to detail and a passion to please.  Customer care and product quality is the foundation of Say Hello Diamonds."
My Review
Say Hello Diamonds sent us a gorgeous pair of Pantina earrings for review.  These earrings are easily one of the best selling Say Hello Diamond products because they allow women all over the country to shine like a star without sacrificing their savings.  The 2 ct. Say Hello Diamond  with Sterling Silver back speaks and shines for itself.  
Since Valentine's Day was only a few days away when we received these in the mail and since I hadn't mentioned anything to Josh about them before they came, I figured these would make a great gift for him.  They came in a lovely red jewelry box, perfect for Valentine's Day.  We were both very pleasantly surprised at how beautiful these earrings are.  They really look like real diamonds and he's been complimented on them several times.  The Pantina earrings retail for $195.00, much cheaper than a pair of 2 ct. diamond earrings!
Because real diamonds are so expensive a lot of us aren't able to have the glamorous diamond jewelry we're pining after.  But with Say Hello Diamonds, you can get a much more affordable bracelet, necklace, ring or pair of earrings that will stun your friends.  
I highly recommend Say Hello Diamonds for anyone looking for beautiful replica diamond jewelry at a fraction of the cost of real diamonds.  
Shopaholic Rating: 5 out of 5 Shopping Bags - Say Hello Diamonds are some of the most beautiful, high quality jewelry we've ever owned!
Where can you find Say Hello Diamonds jewelry?
If you'd like to purchase a pair of the Pantina earrings featured in this review simply visit the Say Hello Diamonds website!  There you'll also find their great selection of other stunning jewelry at affordable prices as well as customer reviews on the products you're interested in buying.  And thanks to the very generous people at Say Hello Diamonds, my loyal readers will receive 70% off anything in the store with the coupon code: Shopaholic!  How exciting is that?!  So head over to their webstore and pick up some gorgeous jewelry at an incredible price!

I received a pair of earrings for free for the purpose of this review.  The opinions stated in this review are mine and unbiased.  For more information on my disclosure policy please visit the PR section of my site.


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