Thursday, February 9, 2012

#Bloggers - #SpringFling #Giveaway Update!

For those of you interested, I am hosting a Spring Fling Giveaway promotion with sign ups ending in about 3 weeks.  I have posted a sign up sheet HERE and we will be using the money collected from the event to purchase a prize (the prize will depend on the number of bloggers participating).  Originally, my plan was to have one larger prize that everyone would giveaway.  But I have decided if 5 or more bloggers sign up I will also put together a prize pack for us to giveaway as well.  We will have two winners for this event.  The first will receive the purchased prize and the other the prize pack.  I will give more details on what this prize pack will include in a few weeks but the more bloggers that sign up to participate, the better the prize pack will be.  So be sure to sign up now and invite your friends as well!

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