Thursday, January 12, 2012

Now Seeking #Sponsorship for SheStreams Conference

As most of you loyal Shopaholics already know, blogging is one of my greatest passions and I love learning new and exciting ways to make this site bigger and better!  I have attended the Blogger Brilliance Conference in Tampa a few months ago and I had a blast!  I'm now hoping to have the opportunity to attend the SheStreams Conference in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.  

I currently reside in the Tampa Bay area and would be able to drive myself to the conference but I am seeking sponsorship for other necessities such as the tickets, a one night hotel stay, and gas money to attend this conference.  Here are my sponsorship packages available  and if you have any other questions please don't hesitate to email me at 

I am currently able to purchase tickets at a discounted rate of $200 a piece and the hotel stay for $189 per night.  This won't last long and this event WILL sell out so I would like to try to find sponsorship as soon as possible to guarantee I am able to attend.

Silver Sponsorship Package - $150 (Partial Sponsorship)
I will include your company logo on my business cards, publish a thank you post that will include links to your site and social media pages, provide Facebook and Twitter #FF shoutouts for 3 months, provide an optional product review and/or giveaway, host an optional Twitter party.

Gold Sponsorship Package - $350 (Half Sponsorship)
I will provide everything mentioned above including wearing your logo to the event on a bag, t-shirt, or hat (provided by sponsor), I will put a magnet logo or ad on my car during the duration of the event.  I will tweet and post during the event to keep my readers updated on all of the happenings and include your company's social media links up to twice per day. 

Platinum Sponsorship Package - $700 (Full Sponsorship)
I will provide everything listed above including #FF shoutouts for one year,  two posts thanking your company for the sponsorship including your links to your website and social media pages, If I am able I will hand out fliers, coupons or handouts provided by the sponsor.   I will provide 2-3 Twitter Parties to be hosted throughout the next year and I will become your blog ambassador for any specified time up to one year.  I will also bring your featured product along with me to the conference and show it off to everyone I meet!

If you have anything specific in mind that you would like me to do for you or if you have an suggestions please feel free to email me!  I promise you will be very impressed with my work and very excited to have such an established, well-known, responsible and honest blogger working with you!

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