Thursday, January 12, 2012

#Blogger #Giveaway #Promotion FANtastic #Florida

Good Afternoon Shopaholics!  I am starting to prepare for an upcoming promotion I'd like to call FANtastic Florida.  This promotion will feature the best Florida has to offer including products made by businesses in Florida and wonderful, exciting events and attractions all around the state.  I already have a lot of interest from local brands and businesses and I am wondering how many of you would want to sign up for this promotion.  
I plan on charging $5 for each link to ensure participation and if I can get enough people to participate I will be using the money to purchase a gift card of some kind to draw in more interest.  I am also seeking another experienced blogger that has hosted or co-hosted a giveaway hop in the past.  As well as someone that could put together an event button for me.  

I'm really excited about hosting my first event!  While this will be a giveaway hop, you will also have the opportunity to post reviews only as well as long as you post at least one or two giveaways.  If you would be interested in participating or if you would like to help me co-host this event please comment below!

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