Sunday, January 1, 2012

#2012 is Finally Here! Happy New Year!

A very Happy New Year Shopaholics!  How many of you have made a New Years Resolution?  This year I would like to go back to school to pursue my other passion - helping those in need in my community - by becoming a Substance Abuse Counselor and hopefully, in time, I would like to start up a non-profit rehab center.  
My other resolution this year is to work even harder to make this website the very best it can be.  As most of you know, I have A LOT of competition so I've decided to expand this site.  As I've been mentioning recently, I will be bringing on another blogger to help me expand and bring in more great content and more exciting giveaways.  I will be giving you all the information on our newest addition and even host a great Flash Giveaway, sometime soon. 
In the meantime let's talk about YOUR resolutions!  What are you going to complete or accomplish this year?  If you're unsure here are some of the top New Year's resolutions from years past.

  • Spend more time with family and friends - Have you had a busy 2011?  Just didn't have the time to go on as many family outings as you would've liked?  Resolve to make it up to them in 2012!
  • Tame that bulge or muffin top & head to the gym - Losing weight is not only a great way to boost your self esteem but it's also an important health decision that could help you extend your life.  Even if you can't afford an expensive gym membership you can pick up a couple weights from Walmart or play some fitness games on your favorite gaming console!  You can even go for a walk or run around your neighborhood!  Anything to get your heart pumping!
  • Quit Smoking -  I quit smoking a few months ago after smoking for almost 10 years and I know it's not easy but it's possible.  If you can't afford to pick up the patch, gum or lozenges check to see if your state has a Quitline you can call and receive free or discounted stop smoking products and advice.  If you're in FL like me try the Florida Quitline!
  • Quit Drinking or doing drugs -  Millions of people every year become addicted to either drugs or alcohol.  In my area, opiate addiction has become a HUGE problem.  In fact, my county in Florida is in the top 10 in the nation for painkiller addiction!  So make 2012 a sober year and find yourself or someone you love that suffers, some help.  There are many different rehab options that fit any budget!   
  • Learn something new -  It's never too late to go back to school!  With financial aid  and online and weekend classes available now, there's no excuse to sit on your butt!  
  • Help Others - The economy seems to slowly be getting better but many people still suffer and go without.  Helping others is as easy as picking up a couple extra cans or bags of food while you're at the store and donating them once or twice a month to a local food shelter or cut out the middle man and help a needy family in your neighborhood!  There are literally millions of different non-profits that need help!
  • Get Organized -  This is something I need to work on!  Start with one room at a time or one area at a time and organize!  I need to organize my email and it's going to take me a while so I organize and erase spam emails for a little while then take a break.  It can get pretty frustrating so don't forget to chill out!  
So it's one thing to make a resolution it's a whole other thing to KEEP that resolution!  How many of you abandon that resolution halfway through January?  I know I have!  Change isn't easy - for anyone but if we make some subtle, conscious changes we can make the chances of keeping that resolution high.
  • Make sure you have the resources and knowledge to successfully make changes in your life.
  • Prepare yourself ahead of time and don't try to make one big change all at once.  Take your time and make smaller, subtle changes that lead to the one large change.
  • Expect to "relapse" and do exactly what you said you wouldn't.  That's to be expected but don't let that discourage you and don't give up.  Just brush yourself off and keep going.
  • Let loved ones and trusted friends know that you are planning on making this change so if they see you mess up they can help you get back on track.
  • Look for online resources to help make things easier.  There are a ton of websites to help with every kind of change you could make.  
Whatever you do, just don't give up!  If at first you don't succeed, try, try again!  Everyone can find something to change for the better in their lives, but not everyone will actually go through with it.  So this year, resolve to stick to your resolutions!  What are your resolutions this year?  And how do you plan on sticking to them?  I'd love to hear all about them in the comments below!


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