Saturday, December 24, 2011

Simple, Elegant Christmas Centerpieces - #Tutorials

Just because it's Christmas  doesn't mean you don't have time to put together a gorgeous centerpiece for tonight.  Here are some beautiful, elegant and easy to put together Christmas Centerpieces that will really impress your friends and family!

Luminarias Centerpieces
You need:

  • White paper bags
  • A Large Scalloped-edge punch or scissors
  • Ribbon
  • Double sided tape
  • Candle or battery operated tea lights

You can transform simple, white paper bags into luminarias for an affordable yet clever holiday centerpiece.  Use a large scalloped-edge punch to create the details on the upper edge of the paper bag.  Then weave ribbon through the openings and secure with double sided tape.  Use battery operated tea lights instead of candles for a long-lasting, safer illumination.
You can also punch out some paper using decorative punches and wrap around glass vases to help bring on the ambiance.  Simply take festive colored paper and punch decorative designs in them.  Then glue or tape to a glass vase and insert your candle for a beautiful alternative to the idea above.

Festive Pine Cone Centerpiece

You need:
  • Several pinecones (if you'd rather not grab them from outside you can pick some clean, sometimes even scented, pinecones up at your local craft store!)
  • Silver, Gold, and other festive colors of spray paint.
  • Wire or wicker basket
It might be a good idea to do this outside to be in a well ventilated area and prevent making a mess.  Set your pinecones out and lightly spray them with gold, silver or whatever color you'd like spray paint.  After they dry, arrange them in your basket!  If the basket is not a festive color, don't worry!  You can always spray paint it as well!  
After the pine cones are arranged add a couple sticks of cinnamon and a beautiful red Christmas bow to complete the look.


Colorful Ornament Centerpiece

You'll need:
  • Any leftover ornament bulbs you have left over after decorating the tree.
  • A couple festive colored pinecones
  • Large bowl, glass vase, basket or large gl
  • ass dish
Arrange colorful Christmas ornaments with a few festive colored pinecones to make a very easy and beautiful centerpiece!

Christmas Gifts Centerpiece
You'll need:

  • Fresh pine boughs
  • Container or platter to hold gifts & greens
  • small wrapped empty boxes
  • ribbon for streamers or bows
Collect a few small empty boxes or small gifts for your guests.  Wrap the boxes or gifts in holiday colors or colors that coordinate with your decor.  Place the gifts in a decorative sleigh, basket or box or set them on an arrangement of fresh pine greenery.  Arrange ribbons and bows or tie all of the gifts together with streamers hanging.  You can also pile them in a pyramid on your table or spread them out.  

There are tons of gorgeous centerpieces to be found and many are very easy to make with simple decorations you probably already have!  So if you'd like to impress friends and family with your crafting abilities (even if you don't have any)  try out some of these simple centerpieces for tonight's Christmas dinner!  

I hope every single one of you got exactly what you wanted this year!  I love each and every one of you and here is to another excting year with Shopaholic Mommy!

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