Saturday, November 5, 2011

Your Child Can Be the King or Queen of the Castle with Imagine Toys - Review

Growing up I dreamed of being a princess.  Living in a beautiful, big castle, wearing elegant gowns and sparkling tiaras.  Of course, I had a huge crush on Prince William and dreamed of growing up and marrying him!

If your son or daughter dreams of growing up to be a King or Queen I have found a wonderful toy just for them!  Imagine Toys carries fun, educational toys for children of all ages!  Help your children fine tune their hand/eye coordination and learn about history with Archiquest Empires & Arches: Roman Magnificence!
More information on Imagine Toys
According to their website, "Imagine Toys is a specialty toy store guided at providing quality toys that encourage children to use their imaginations.  We're picky about the toys we select and strive to off unique toys and accessories that are fresh and different from what you might find at a mass-market toy store.  Imagine Toys' buyers are parents themselves and have taken the time to test the products with children of an appropriate age to make sure our products offer plenty of fun and educational play value."
Imagine Toys has wonderful toys for girls and boys of all ages.  Their toys help children to use their imagination and they are a blast for kids and parents alike!

My Review
Ashton received the Archiquest Empires and Arches: Roman Magnificence building block play set.  This set was a lot of fun to put together and it came with a 46-page educational booklet that includes an architectural timeline, building ideas and much more.  Each wooden block is laminated with hand painted with unique artwork featuring motifs inspired by real-life Roman monuments such as the Coliseum and Roman temples.
I love the fact that the blocks come in a very useful wooden box with a sliding lid to prevent messes and putting the blocks away is a lot of fun because you have to put them in just right, like a puzzle, to get them to fit in the box.  Ashton has built many beautiful buildings with these blocks and because they are such high quality I know he will be building many more for years to come.  I very highly recommend this and all of the quality toys Imagine Toys has to offer to any parent looking to purchase a toy to help boost your child's imagination.
Shopaholic Rating: 5 out of 5 Shopping Bags - Designed for children 5+, fun for adults and kids alike.  Build a magnificent Roman temple or other building and learn about the Roman Empire at the same time!
Where can you find Imagine Toys?
The Archiquest Empires and Arches: Roman Magnificence building block play set is no longer available on the Imagine Toys website but you can still find other great Archiquest building block toys!  You can also find other great imagination boosting toys like arts and crafts, music and dance, ride on toys and much more right on their site.  Imagine Toys only carries the best toys to help your child have fun and learn at the same time!  For more up to date information on new products and promotions be sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

I received a complimentary product for the purpose of this review.  The opinions stated in this review are mine and unbiased.  For more information please see my disclosure policy in the PR section of this site.

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  1. That is a pretty cool toy review. I would have loved these as a kid. Stopping by from the MBS Alexa Blog Hop


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