Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sparkle and Shine with Hard Candy Cosmetics - Review #ShopaholicSanta

Every woman loves to look and feel beautiful and makeup is a great way to accentuate your own naturally pretty features.  I am a huge fan of glitter and have been since I was a teenager especially around the eyes and lips.   So I am especially excited about Hard Candy Cosmetics and their new glitter lip gloss and eyeliner!
What is Hard Candy Cosmetics?
According to their Facebook site, "In 1995 Los Angeles, you could find anything from kids lining the streets to buy the first Sony Playstation, to Hugh Grant making headlines after an encounter with Divine Brown.  You could even find O.J. Simpson 'not guilty'!  Yet somehow, even in the 'anything goes' town of L.A., 22 year old Dineh Mohajer just could not find the right shade of nail polish to match her strappy blue sandals.  Today, a decade after starting a nail rage with the launch of it's playful polish collection, the Hard Candy line now features over 150 beauty staples, all supremely designed and delectably packaged."
Sold exclusively at Walmart, Hard Candy Cosmetics are a huge hit with women looking to express their unique style!
My Review
I have loved Hard Candy Cosmetics since I was introduced to them when I was a teenager.  The bright colors help me mix and match to compliment any outfit I could put together!  So I was very excited when they asked me to review their Stay in Line Precise Mechanical Eyeliner Infused with Growth Serum in Black Magic and their Button Your Lip - Brush On Push Button Lip Gloss Pen & Automatic Lip Liner in Luxe.  Both products contained glitter and both items are absolutely stunning.  The lip gloss is a salmon color and I love how it's a push button so it doesn't make a mess and go everywhere like some of the wands I've used.  I love the color though salmon is not usually a color that looks good on me for some reason.  
I love the mechanical eyeliner and prefer mechanical as opposed to liquid or pencil.  The color has a bit of glitter in it and shows up as a dark grey/black color on my lids.  I love it and it's one of my favorite eyeliners!  It also has a very handy eraser on the back for any mistakes you make.  I highly recommend both of these products and think they would make perfect stocking stuffers for teen girls and women alike! 
Shopaholic Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Shopping Bags- Though I am not a huge fan of the salmon colored lip gloss I am a huge fan of a few of their other colors and can't wait to head to Walmart and pick up a few more!  
Where can you find Hard Candy Cosmetics?
If you're interested in purchasing some Hard Candy Cosmetics like the ones featured in this review you can find them exclusively at Walmart! The Button Your Lip lip gloss retails for $6.22 and the mechanical eyeliner retails for $5!  For more information on their products be sure to visit their website and for more up to date information on new products & promotions be sure to follow them on TwitterFacebook.

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