Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Glow Wherever You Go With ClickR Skin Care - Review & Giveaway!

As we get older our skin seems to age twice as quickly.  Some women, however, don't seem to age a day!  My mom's complexion is incredible, she looks twenty years younger because she takes very good care of her skin.  I've started protecting my skin in hopes that my skin will look half as great as hers does!  While I can't afford expensive department store skin care products I can still protect my skin just as well with ClickR!

What is ClickR?
According to their website, "Florence Sender is the founder and CEO of ClickR LLC, a 2010 retail start-up that she founded with her husband, Noam Sender. ClickR announced in September 2010 that it would launch a new skincare line in October 2010.  Sephora began  selling the start-up's products in January 2011.  ClickR describes it's products as 'completely vegan' and designed to avoid irritating sensitive skin.  In January 2011, the company announced that actor Cam Gigandet had signed on a spokesperson for the brand, and characterized him as the 'first official male spokesperson for a beauty brand."
ClickR skin care has many different skin care products designed for just about every problem you may have.  Their popular acne fighting products are poised to be a competitor to the very popular Proactiv brand!
My Review
The wonderful people at ClickR sent me their popular Stop-Time Night Cream and Diamond Dust Skin Polisher.  Here is a little more information on both products.
Stop-Time Night Cream: "It's a night cream you smooth on, crash, and awaken looking refreshed, radiant, and beautiful - no matter what time your head hits the pillows.  Like the do-over you always wanted, only every day."
Stop-Time Night Cream is for all skin types - even the sensitive ones.  
  • Efficient - tones & smoothes, disinfects & moisturizes
  • Effective - nourishes, energizes, and revitalizes skin cells.
  • Easy - repairs damage and reveals radiance overnight.
This great cream is naturally pure, always vegan and never tested on animals.  After using this night cream for just a few days I noticed my skin looked refreshed and I wasn't the only one to notice!  It doesn't feel oily or too heavy and after a long day it feels incredible on my tired face.  ClickR's Stop-Time Night Cream retails for $38 for 1.7 fl oz.
Diamond Dust Skin Polisher: "It's a dazzling skin resurfacer that smoothes skin with some of the most precious substances known to man (or woman).  Also promotes ESP between skin cells for increased immune function and regeneration.  And yes, it contains diamond dust, hints of silver and gold.  Hot is your greatest accessory."
Diamond Dust Skin Polisher is perfect for world-weary skin.
  • Polishes - ramps up cellular function to expel impurities, from spent cells to daily crud
  • Protects - boosts skin immunity and shields cells from further assault
  • Promotes - increases blood flow, reduces line depth, and reawakens radiance
This skin polisher is always naturally pure, vegan and never tested on animals.  This skin polisher has made my skin look incredibly polished and beautiful.  It's been a while since someone complemented me on my skin!  Since I started with ClickR skin care the compliments have been pouring in!  This great skin polisher doesn't leave a thick or greasy residue on your skin and it's light enough to wear before bed.  Diamond Dust Skin Polisher retails for $40 for 1.7 fl oz.
I highly recommend both of these products to anyone looking to solve skin care issues or anyone looking to have beautiful, glowing skin.  
Shopaholic Rating: 5 out of 5 Shopping Bags - ClickR makes your skin look years younger!  While they're a little more expensive than a product you'd find at a supermarket or mass merchandise store, ClickR is worth every penny!  

Where can you find ClickR skin care products?
If you're interested in any of the products mentioned in this review simply visit the ClickR website.  There you'll also find all of their other great products!  You can also find ClickR skin care products at Sephora.  For more up to date information be sure to follow ClickR on Facebook and Twitter.

Giveaway Time!
One lucky Shopaholic will receive a Diamond Dust Skin Polisher (SRP $40)  Here's how:

 I received these products for the purpose of this review.  The opinions stated in this review are mine and unbiased.  For more information on my disclosure policy please visit the PR section of my site.  


  1. I still face acne, even in my 40's!! I also have dry skin in the cold winter months.
    And horrible deep indent wrinkles between my eyebrows.

  2. My skin has become so much drier as I've become older, and I have the beginnings of some wrinkles and sun spots.
    PMNSL95 at triad dot rr dot com

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  4. I have break outs & fine lines are starting to show :(


  5. I have some hyperpigmention areas
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  6. I have adult acne and enlarged pores, so yucky! My face is worse now than it was when I was younger

  7. I have dry (flaky and red) and oily skin at the same time.

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  8. I have very dry skin

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