Friday, October 14, 2011

Comfort Sore, Runny Noses With Kleenex - Review

School has been in session for over a month now and that's just enough time for our kids to share their cold and flu germs!  Ashton's already come home with a slight cough and runny nose.  We've tried a few of the store brand tissues and within a couple days Ashton's poor little nose was red and very sore.  Though his cold has passed, we are prepared for the next one with Kleenex!
What's new with Kleenex?
The Kleenex brand is adding a new line of on-the-go packs with Sneeze Shield to help make it easy to keep yucky stuff off of kids' hands in the classroom, on field trips, at home, or on the go.  On the go packages include:

  • A wallet pack - Thin and sleek so you can always have a tissue on hand.  Stylish designs and convenient small size makes these tissues the perfect accessory for teens or tweens.
  • The auto pack -  Fits perfectly in your car door or glove compartment for easy reach.  No need to take your eyes off the road to reach for a tissue on the ground or out of reach!
  • New and improved pocket pack now features 3-ply tissues for a stronger, softer feel.
Kleenex Cool Touch Facial Tissue is also a new product.  These unscented tissues are enriched with cooling moisturizers and aloe and release a cool sensation on contact.  Your body heat activates the special ingredient in the tissue which causes a cooling, comforting sensation.

Every year, in the U.S. alone reports more than 62 million cases of the common cold and 24 million sore noses.  When people are sick the combination of nasal excretions and constant nose wiping can create a red, sore nose that feels hot and makes you even more uncomfortable.  Kleenex Cool Touch Facial Tissues are designed to soothe your sore, red nose by reducing the temperature of the skin on the nose and providing much needed relief.  
My Review 
During the Fall it seems as though someone is sick in my house all the time.  If it's not Ashton then it's Josh and if it's not Josh then it's me.  By the time Winter comes rolling through, our noses are sore and we're very uncomfortable.  We're very lucky this season to have Kleenex by our side to help comfort our red, hot noses!  I love how stylish and accessible their new packages are and how their new Cool Touch Facial Tissues soothe even the sorest noses!  One of the worst parts of having a cold is a dry, red nose because sometimes it sticks around even after the other cold symptoms have subsided.  Kleenex has been an allergy and cold/flu season staple in my home since I was little and that's because they are the softest, toughest tissue on the market.  I highly recommend everyone stock up on Kleenex Cool Touch Facial Tissues and their new packages as well to prepare for this years nasty cold and flu season!
Shopaholic Rating: 5 out of 5 Shopping Bags - For a thirsty nose, Kleenex quenches that thirst like no other.

Where can you find Kleenex products?
If you're interested in more information on any of the Kleenex products mentioned in this review you can visit their website.  Kleenex Cool Touch Facial Tissues retail for $2.19 a box.  You can find this and all other Kleenex products at all major retailers nationwide.  For more up to date information follow Kleenex on Facebook.

I received these products for the purpose of this review.  The opinions stated in this review are mine and unbiased.  For more information please see my disclosure policy in the PR section of this site.

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