Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Seeking Bloggers for FANtastic Florida promotion

Good Morning Shopaholics!  I would like to host my first giveaway promotion and I am curious to see how many bloggers would be interested in participating.  I am seeking bloggers from Florida to participate in a FANtastic Florida Giveaway Promotion. As you can tell by the name, I would like to have most, if not all, sponsors for this event from Florida.  You can also find products that you could use on vacation to Florida or what have you.  Use your imagination!  You do not need to reside in Florida to participate but at least have visited in the past. Here's what you can expect:

  • This event will be promoted to the fullest 
  • All questions will be answered
  • A linky containing every participating blog in the event.
  • A page on Facebook to join and discuss this promotion
  • A promotional hashtag to help you advertise on Twitter

What I expect:

  • A giveaway post specifically for this event.
  • A linky and promotional button placed in the post
  • Prize package minimum $25 per winner
  • A valid email address to contact you if needed
  • Simple and quick giveaway entry instructions 
  • Participate and don't be afraid to communicate with me.
How to get started:

  • Right now I am just getting an idea of how many bloggers would be interested.  If I can get enough I will post a sign up sheet with further directions. Please comment below if you would be interested and if you have never visited Florida, please share this with your friends.
Once I get an idea of how many people will be interested I will also get a promotional button made and posted. If possible, I would like to find an experienced blogger to host this promotion with me.  If you're interested please contact me at  This is going to be a lot of fun so don't miss out!


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