Friday, September 16, 2011

Pictures come alive with a digital picture frame from Audiovox! - Review

My dad is a professional photographer so we're always getting high quality pictures of Ashton.  The problem is we can never decide on just one or a few to print out and frame!  On top of that, the special photo paper is expensive!  I had seen a sleek, digital picture frame at my parent's house and was very excited when I spoke to Audiovox and found out I would be reviewing one of their incredible, digital picture albums!  

What is Audiovox?
Even if you've never heard of Audiovox, you've certainly seen or even purchased some of their electronics.  According to their website, "Audiovox products are found virtually anywhere electronics are sold, from household name big box stores to 12-vault specialists and new car dealerships.  Our family brand comprises of nearly 20 globally recognized names in original equipment (OE) and consumer electronics industry including: Audiovox, RCA, Acoustic Research, Jensen, Klipsch, and Advent.  Our Audiovox and Jensen branded products together, lead the category for in-vehicle video entertainment.  Additionally, RCA sells more universal remote controls and digital antennas than any other brand in the world."
More information on the Audiovox 7" Digital Picture Album.
This incredible picture frame looks very trendy and would make a great gift for any occasion!  This digital picture album has a chic leather cover and is designed especially for the most special occasions like weddings, birthdays, graduations and more!  It has automatic video and slideshow creation so you can show off more than one picture.  It also as a music box function that provides music playback.  The clasps even double as a stand!  This popular Digital Picture Album retails for $99.99 but is on sale right now on the Audiovox website for only $59.59!

My Review
Josh and I were more than thrilled when we received my Audiovox Digital Picture Album and immediately loaded up a bunch of pictures and set it on display in my living room.  I love how you can show off more than one picture through a slide show and how much space that saves me! I used to have a bunch of pictures up and would rotate them and change them out pretty often, now I less clutter on the wall and can still display my favorite pictures.  The leather makes it very fashionable looking and I can fit into the decor of any room in my house.  This digital picture album would make a great Christmas, Birthday or anytime gift!  I highly recommend this product to anyone that loves electronics and anyone looking to free up a little wall space.
Shopaholic Rating: 5 out of 5 Shopping Bags - Stylish, versatile and it makes a fabulous gift! What more could you ask for?
Where can you find Audiovox products?
If you're interested in purchasing on of their great Digital Picture Albums or if you'd like to see what else they have to offer be sure to visit their website.  For more up to date information on products and promotions be sure to add them on Twitter and Facebook!

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