Friday, September 23, 2011

How to prepare for Winter in a warmer climate - #SavvyLiving

Winter will be here before you know it and I've already, slowly, started gathering up some warm, winter clothing.  I was raised in Wisconsin and was used to freezing temperatures and tons of snow.  But at the age of 11 we moved down to Florida and in less than a year the 40 degrees that would be like a heat wave for us up north was unbearably cold down here!  So I've been preparing for a couple weeks now to make sure I stay warm this winter. 

While we don't have snow and it rarely gets below freezing, it is humid all year long.  When you mix cold and humidity the cold air it just goes right to the bone!  So for those of you in a "warmer" climate this winter, I've found a few irresistible fashions to stay warm and look fabulous!

It's always great to keep a few light sweaters and at least one or two heavier sweaters or coats for those days when cold fronts come blazing through with a vengeance.  It's always better to be prepared!  Nice jeans, heavy tights or leggings and a couple skirts should go wonderfully with your sweaters.  I also love an adorable sweater dress, but I'm very picky with them.
Make sure you add plenty of accessories to really make your outfits dazzle!  Winter opens up the possibilities for beautiful scarves, gloves, hats, and other accessories that can make you shine!  Wear layers or bring an extra sweater just in case you get chilled and you can't forget a sexy pair of boots to match your style and budget! What are your favorite winter fashions and accessories?  

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