Friday, September 2, 2011

Crazy for Love (2 and a Half Men Season 8 on DVD)

Love can make people do some crazy things and those crazy things are what makes love so incredible!  But sometimes, some people can go a little overboard.  In the 8th Season of 2 and a Half Men, Charlie realizes that he has feelings for Rose (his neighbor/stalker) and sets out to let her know when he ends up catching a glimpse of her getting married.  As it turns out, Rose staged the entire wedding in front of an audience of mannequins just to make Charlie jealous!  That is one very extreme way to show someone you care!  
While I've never tried anything that extreme, I did have a friend that moved halfway across the country and then pursued the girl of his dreams for 5 years before she finally gave him a chance. He met her on vacation in Florida and spent 3 weeks with her and her friends.  After he moved down south, he spent every day trying to show her how much he cared.  Whether it was sending her flowers, writing her poetry or listening to her talk about the guys she dated, then hated in those 5 years, he was always there for her.  His determination  proves when you truly love someone, there is nothing that can stand in your way.  
Luckily, my friend wasn't as wild as Rose, though her insane antics are hilarious and keep me coming back each week!  For more laughs pick up 2 and a Half Men Season 8, now on DVD!

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I have been hired by Warner Bros. WBWord division to promote Two and a Half Men Season Eight on DVD.


  1. Charlie Sheen is a real jerk, but yet he is so so funny !
    I am hoping Aston does a good job !

  2. I know! I can't believe he's been smoking crack for so long and still able to maintain a career! But he's always been one of my favorite actors, just not one of my favorite people. Ashton is going to do a great job, I know it


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