Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Blogger Brilliance was the perfect 1st Conference!

As most of you already know, I attended my first blogging conference last weekend.  Blogger Brilliance was held in Tampa, Florida which is pretty close to where I reside.  I have been dreaming of attending my first conference for moths and I am so happy I was able to attend Blogger Brilliance!  I want to send a HUGE Thank you to Eversave Tampa/Orlando for sponsoring me!
One of the things I've look most forward to was the panel discussions.  I love learning all I can about making this site the best it can be and the panelists have a lot of great information to share!  I really learned so much and the best part was that my Dad attended with me.  He was able to see and hear from other bloggers just how difficult it is to maintain a popular blog as well as the average income, average time spent per week and an overview about what blogging is and how it's impacting media around the world.  Towards the end of the discussions, a raffle was held and I was awarded a very neat book about Women Entreprenuers in the Tampa Bay area!  We were also given some free hair care products from the conference sponsor Keratherepy!
After our panel discussions we headed over to International Plaza and Bay St. for a Fashion Show and Blogger Lounge in Neiman Marcus.  We attempted to watch and photograph the fashion show but there were well over 3,000 people in attendance and the top and bottom floor were packed!  It was literally impossible for us to capture even one snapshot of the activities, let alone watch it ourselves so we decided to head over to Neiman Marcus for the Blogger Lounge.  There I was able to meet up with other local bloggers and share tips, contact information and compare sites.  I was also able to hand out these great certificates I was provided with by Eversave.  Everyone really enjoyed the certificates and I can't wait to see how many bloggers will be using the $3 off as well as how many will attempt to become Eversave's "Tampa Blogger of the Week!"  For those of you interested in saving $3 on your next Eversave purchase or if you'd like to try out to be "Tampa's Blogger of the Week" simply use the promo code: SHOPAHOLIC!
Since I went with my father and since he was the only male in attendance we decided to head home after the  Blogger Lounge.  I'm sure it was pretty awkward for him to be surrounded by female bloggers all day!  Thank goodness for a wonderful gentleman from Neiman Marcus that kept him occupied for a little bit while I networked.  (He wasn't hard on the eyes either!)  I had an absolute blast at Blogger Brilliance and I can't wait to attend my next blogging conference!

A HUGE Thank you for Kristin from Bon Bon Rose Girls, Keratherapy, and the rest of the event coordinators and sponsors, The International Academy of Design and Technology as well as the International Mall.  I'd also like to thank my Dad for coming with me and baring a day full of women and fashion!  And of course, my conference sponsor Eversave Tampa/Orlando.  Don't forget to use the awesome promo code and share with your friends!

All opinions stated in this post are mine and unbiased.  Some of the pictures shown in this post are not taken by me and used from a blog called Pretty, Shiny, Sparkly.  The others are mine - taken by my father.

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