Sunday, August 28, 2011

Protect your favorite heels with Shuella! - A Review

Even though Florida is known as the Sunshine State, during the summer it rains every single evening. Rain mixes with oil and other nasty debris on the pavement and that can really do a number on your heels. I've tried numerous times to jump over or go around dirty puddles but I always end up right in the middle with contaminated rain water up to my ankles. So what is a woman to do besides continuously buy new heels? Shuella has come up with a stylish way to protect your heels and look fabulous at the same time!

What is Shuella?
According to their site, "Shuella came about because I was frustrated that every time it would rain or there would be inclement weather, I had nothing fashionable and functional to wear to protect my shoes. I looked everywhere and when I could not find anything suitable, I designed and created them myself. My goal was to design an extremely stylish, durable, and convenient product to carry in your purse or briefcase. Shuella's are easy to put on and strong enough to walk in with a slip free sole. I've also included a cloth to wipe off any excess water before you fold them up and put them in their convenient pouch. I knew if I designed something that met my high standards that would be perfect for women everywhere. Shuella's come in sizes just like your shoes and can be worn over any size heel. The fun, fashionable colors will surely brighten up those dreary days. And, of course, I've included classic black. So don't let the weather ruin your shoes again!"

My Review
I don't know how many times I've ruined a new pair of heels because of the rain. I've been looking for a solution for quite a while especially since it rains every day in the summer. That's why I'm very excited to introduce you to Shuella! Not only are they long lasting and protect my heels from becoming damaged but they're also very stylish! They come in several different colors to match your outfit! I received a pair of Taupe Shuellas and I love them! It's very easy to slip my heel into the Shuella and snap it shut. I've even jumped in a few puddles and I didn't get a drop of water on my brand new pumps. I am very impressed with my new Shuellas. I don't know how I ever went without them before! I also love how Shuella offers FREE domestic shipping for orders in the U.S. Most pairs retail for $49.95 though the Hot Pink and Yellow pair are on sale right now for only $39.95 during their Summer Sale! I definitely recommend Shuella to any woman tired of ruining their heels.
Shopaholic Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Shopping Bags

Where can you purchase a pair of Shuellas?
If you're interested in a pair of Shuellas you can purchase a pair on their website. There you'll find more information about these incredible "shoe umbrellas"! You can stay up to date on new products, promotions and more by following them on Twitter and Facebook. Now you can save 40% with the promo code "mommy" The yellow and hot pink pairs are on sale right now for 20% off!

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