Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Deep Tissue Massage at Home with Contour I - Edens Fantasys 18+ Review

After a long, hard, day at work the muscles in your back, legs and neck are stiff, your feet are sore, and you are ready to go to bed. After days like this we all wish we could afford a deep tissue massage, am I right? With the Contour I available at Eden Fantasys, wishes really do come true!

What is the Contour I?
When you have deep, aching pain, sometimes the only way to get relief is a deep tissue massage and since most of us can't afford a massage every time we hurt. The Contour I is the perfect way to melt stress away. Made out of double-fired porcelain, The Contour I is hygienic and retains heat and cold very well. A nice hot or cold deep massage will make you feel as though you're getting a hot stone or deep tissue massage from a professional masseuse without paying extravagant prices! The elegant design provides two bulbs at the end and a thin middle so you can roll the Contour I over your lovers back or concentrate the ends into a tense area of the body for a deep tissue massage.

My Review
I have had horrible back pain for years now and it's right in between my shoulder blades. Josh's shoulders, lower back and legs have been aching from roofing for so many years, so the Contour I is heaven sent! I absolutely love the fact that I can heat it up or cool it off. Using it cold with a bit of massage oil is incredible! You won't ever want it to end! Josh loves that you can concentrate the end and put pressure for a deep tissue massage! For the first time in 7 years, he actually fell asleep while I gave him a back massage. That was proof enough for me! I would recommend making sure you use massage oil because after a while you'll get a little sore, without it. Use it anywhere for a quick massage!
For only $25 this personal massager is very high quality and I highly recommend it! You can find this and many other extraordinary products to add a little excitement in your life by visiting Eden Fantasys. For more up to date information on new products, promotions and more be sure to follow Eden Fantasys on Twitter!

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