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500 Fan Appreciation Sponsor Spotlight - Casio Tryx

I am very excited to share with you, one of the best new cameras on the market.  I have been looking for a good camera for blogging and this camera is incredible and has surprised me time and time again with all of the things it can do.  If you're a beginner or someone that loves to take quick pictures on the go, the Casio Tryx is for you!

Casio Tryx comes in a beautiful box
What is the Casio Tryx?
The Casio Tryx is a digital camera/camcorder that does it all!  This brand new style of camera has a 3" touchscreen, LCD with many different camera extras  to take the perfect picture for just about any situation.  Take crystal clear 360 degree photos with the Panorama mode, give your pictures an artsy look with HDR-art imaging and tons of configurations.  The Casio Tryx will certainly make you rethink the compact camera!
The Casio Tryx in all it's glory!
Compact Camera
12.1 megapixels
21mm Ultra Wide Lens
Secure Digital Extended Capacity
3" Crystal Clear LCD Touchscreen
1080hp HD Movie Record

The Casio Tryx has a built in tripod which makes it easy to take timed pictures. You are able to turn the camera 270 degrees so you're actually able to see yourself in the LCD screen while taking a portrait picture.  Another cool feature is you can designate a certain area of the touch screen to recognize motion to take timed pictures!  Simply raise your hand to match the little hand on the screen and wait 3 seconds when you're ready to take your family portrait or other timed pictures. The LCD screen is very clear and you are able to see it, even from a distance.  Overall, the Tryx is very easy to use, with only two buttons - the shutter and the on/off button.  This camera is very sleek and even looks like a smartphone when the tripod is folded up.  
The ultra-wide 21" lens of the Tryx is perfect for taking self portraits since you don't have to move the camera very far away to get everything in the picture.  It also comes with Casio's cutting edge, high speed SR Zoom technology that promises clearer, sharper photographs than a traditional zoom camera.
This camera isn't for the advanced photographer since you can't switch lenses and the lack of an optical zoom but is perfect for anyone looking to take some crystal clear shots on the go.  Bloggers, families, just about everyone will love the Casio Tryx!

Picture taken with movement recognizing sensor
My Review
I have been looking for the perfect camera to help me with my blogging, for a very long time and I have finally found it!  I have tried a few in the past but for the price, dependability, style, and performance the Casio Tryx is perfect!  I am more than impressed with this camera!  I love every feature of this camera, especially the Panorama, the motion sensing timer and the artistic look you can give to your pictures. At $249.99 it is also an affordable camera for those looking for high quality HD pictures and video and for people looking for a trendy yet extremely useful camera.  Prepare to be impressed with this camera!  The Casio Tryx has won many awards including a Consumer Electronics Show 2011 Design Award and PopMech's Editors Choice award 2011.  This camera is tons of fun and my #1 choice for portable, dependable digital cameras and camcorders.  
Shopaholic Rating: 6 out of 5 Shopping bags - I can't express how much I love this camera!  I recommend this to anyone and everyone that loves to take pictures.  This is a very enjoyable camera!
Picture taken with the Art mode
What does Casio have to offer for 500 fan appreciation?
One lucky Shopaholic will win a Casio Tryx (value $249.99)!  Just check back in the next couple days for more information on how to enter!  *Prizes will be combined and then separated into 2 prize packs.*  You don't wanna miss out on this!
Shot taken with Panorama 
I received this product for the purpose of a review, this product is going toward the giveaway so I was not compensated for this post.  Enjoy!  For more information on my disclosure policy please visit the PR section of my site.

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