Sunday, July 24, 2011

We love all of God's Creatures

Yesterday (Friday) while Josh was going about his zookeeper duties when his boss called him over to one of the monkey enclosures.  In a tiny little nook in the corner of the enclosure were 9 teeny tiny little field rat babies.  They had been abandoned by their mother and Josh needed to clean out the enclosure so his boss asked him what he thought they should do with them.  Being an animal lover, he couldn't bare to kill them so he put them in a little box, grabbed some powdered goat's milk from another one of his bosses and told them he would raise them until they are big enough to let go back into the wild.  We love all of God's creatures, big and small.  Every life is sacred and precious no matter if it's a plant, animal or human.
I took some pictures of the little squeekers last night during feeding time and I wanted to share. 
So itty bitty and their eyes aren't even open yet.
Adorable baby rat getting ready to eat
Two snuggle while their little brother goes off in search of more milk.
Have you ever found a helpless animal and nursed it back to health or raised it until it could fend for itself?  Have your children or your significant other brought home something? If so comment below, I'd love to hear about what kind of animals you've raised and what you had to do!


  1. Aaawww too cute, make sure they are still in the same place in case the mother comes back looking for them. He will grow up to be a warm hearted man. Thank you mommie for teaching him about caring. We will need men like men in the future to come !

  2. The Momma was found later that day, she had died so Josh took them home to bottle feed them and raise them until they old enough to take care of themselves. But you're right, if it was possible we would've liked to have found the mother and relocated them so they could've been raised by their mother. Luckily, Josh works at a zoo and his bosses are absolute animal lovers so they set him up with the milk they need and little syringes to feed them with for now. :)


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