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How to find the right colors to match your skintone - #savvyliving

How many of you know what colors look best with your skin tone and hair color?  It's really quite easy and the results are astonishing!  Just by wearing colors that compliment your skin tone, eye color, and hair color, you could look years younger, your face will look brighter and you'll look more awake.  

Your complexion and skin tone will help determine which colors will look best on you.  Look carefully at your eye color, skin tone and natural hair color.  To help find the undertone color of your skin, simply look at the inside of your arm in sunlight.  Once you determine your colors you'll be able to figure out which season you fall into.  

Winters have blue and rosy pink undertones and their skin tone is usually pale pink, yellowish-olive or dark.  Winters are generally brunettes with deep colored eyes.  Asians and African Americans are usually Winters as well as natural white-blondes.
Wear: Colors that are sharp, stark and clear.  Plums and deep green eye shadows will look fabulous on you.  Burgundy, blue-reds, plum, clear red and ash brown are all beautiful colors to wear on your lips and for blushes stick to a rose or light burgundy.  As far as foundations are concerned, make sure you pick up one with rose undertones, if you're having trouble ask around for a cool color for your skin.
Avoid: Tan, orange, most yellows, gold and brown as these colors will make you look sallow, faded and ashen.

Spring is a warm tone.  People with this complexion tend to have golden undertones and are usually creamy white or peach.  Springs tend to have an extremely light olive complexion.  Springs also tend to be natural golden blonde, auburn or strawberry blonde and have clear, blue or green eyes.  Freckles and naturally rosy cheeks are also commonplace. 
Wear: Very pale, soft colors such as ivory, light blue, golden brown, golden yellow and peach are all brilliant colors to wear.  You'll also look spectacular in bright green, true reds, clear blues and coral.  For your lip colors, stick with peaches, corals, pinks, reds and clear. Your blush should also be coral, warm pink or clear peach.  Ivory, golden brown, smoked blue, turquoise, and green are all great eye shadow colors.  As far as foundation is concerned, you'll want something with a yellow base, usually something like a light or dark peach color will work wonders or if you're more fair skinned, a nice ivory color.
Avoid: Black and white which are too contrasting for you.  Also avoid other dark colors like dark purples, burgundy, and dull colors like gray.

Summer is a cool tone like winter and also like winter, summers have  pink or blue undertones.  Usually their skin tone is very pink and pale and their hair color is usually natural blonde, and even pale-skinned brunettes with pale eyes.
Wear: Summers have a low level of contrast between their hair & eye color and skin tone, so for your best look choose pastels and neutral colors as well as muted colors with a cool undertone like powder blue, dusty pink, lavender, mauve and pale yellow.  For eye shadows stick with an off-white, gray, ash blue or mauve.  Burgundy, plum, ash brown and clear red all look great on your lips and a rosy color looks great on your cheeks.  If you have naturally rosy cheeks, skip the blush!  For foundation, find something with a noticeable pink undertone as well as something that blends really well.

Autumn is a warm tone and people with this complexion tend to have golden undertones like golden brown or pale peach.  Autumns are usually redheads or brunettes with golden brown eyes, however golden blonde and black can also fit into this category.
Wear: Rich, golden, spicy, and earthy tones look best on you so look for something with a golden undertone.  You can also wear both muted and rich warm colors such as ones found in autumn leaves such as camel, olive, orange, gold and dark brown.  You'll also look marvelous in a warm gray.  For eye shadow stick with beige or apricot, brown, muted green, smoked turquoise and copper.  For your lips, a beautiful brick red, orange-red, peach, or mocha will look fabulous.  As for your cheeks, a ginger or tawny peach is pretty. Finally your foundation should be ivory or peach with some copper tones, or if you're fair, a natural ivory.
Avoid: Pinks, frosted shades, purples and bluish reds as well as black and white which will make you look tired.  Also steer clear of pastels and blue tones which will make you look cold.

I hope I've made it a little easier for you!  For more on this and other useful information come visit me at the Savvy Living Community where I am a Community Leader/Fashion Expert!

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