Saturday, July 30, 2011

Creative Craft Tutorial: Make your own adorable Key West Flip Flops!

I love working on crafts of all kinds - scrapbooking, jewelry making and beading, ceramic painting, anything that I can do hands-on usually catches my eye.  As I was looking through my email this morning, I found a post from fellow mom blogger - Little Yaya's - that she found on another blog, The Mother Huddle, and I just had to share with you!  

Key West Flip Flop Tutorial from The Mother Huddle

How to deconstruct a flip flop
You'll need a pair of flip flops that have discs holding the top part of the shoe on, on the back.  You can find an inexpensive pair just about anywhere!  The pair shown in the pictures were purchased at Old Navy for only $2!

Next, flip the shoe over with the bottom of the shoe facing up.  Cut off the disk with an exacto knife.  If you cut at an angle, the disks will come off easily.  Cut off all three (3) disks and pull the top off.

There are so many creative things you can do now that you have a clean slate!  Ribbon, beads, fabric, rope and pendants are just a few decorations you can use to make your flip flops unique and beautiful!  Here is what she did:

She measured two strips of scrap fabric measuring 10 in x 1 in.  She didn't sew them but they'd probably be sturdier if you did.

Fold in half and pull the looped end through the hole on the form.  Make sure your loop is on top of the shoe.  She pulled hers in about a half an inch.

Next, tie a knot, put a little glue on the hole and pull tight.  Then just cut off the extra fabric.

The knot should fit right into the divot on the bottom of your flip flop, where the disk used to be.

Then take two strips measuring 2 1/2 in by 24 in and loop them through the toe piece and then slide the flip flop on and tie comfortably.  Her fabric had a little stretch so she made hers nice and snug.

Next, take two strips measuring 12 in x 1 in and cut the ends to a point.

Make sure it is looped around the top part, pull the end through the back hole from the top.  Do this on both sides, slide on the shoes and adjust the length to wear comfortably.

Finally tie the backs into knots, add a little more hot glue to the divot and pull tight.  Then simply cut off the tails.

She had some flowers left over from another project and sewed them onto the fabric with a needle and thread to make this adorable pair of Key West Flip Flops.

A special thank you to Little Yaya's and The Mother Huddle for posting this great tutorial!

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  1. Cute! I love what you did with those flip flops!


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