Thursday, July 28, 2011

Blogger Brilliance Conference Sponsorship

My dream, ever since I started blogging, was to one day be able to visit my first conference and meet other bloggers, sponsors and learn so much!  I finally found a wonderful conference that is going to be held in Tampa, Florida, only about a half hour from where I live!  The tickets are very affordable but unfortunately, I still can't afford to purchase two tickets to this conference.  So I am currently seeking sponsorship for two tickets to the Blogger Brilliance Conference in Tampa on September 17th.  The price per ticket is only $25 plus a $2.37 fee.  In return for ticket sponsorship for this event I can offer you:

  • Posts about the event naming you as sponsor
  • I can wear your company t-shirt, hat, or other apparel
  • I can provide free sponsored posts
  • Free ad space for 5 months
If you have any ideas on what you'd like me to accomplish for you in return for conference ticket sponsorship, I am all ears!  For more information about the conference you can visit the eventbrite page and for more information on what I have to offer you for ticket sponsorship please email me at  Thank you for your time!


  1. I will donate $5.00 for you to go to conference. Please send me your paypal or I can send by mail.

  2. I'm elated that you are interested in coming! xoxo


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