Saturday, June 4, 2011

Blue Platypus Review

I'm always on the look out for stylish new blouses or adorable t-shirts since I started finally losing all that weight I've been gaining over the past year and a half.  As I've told you before, I'm really picky when it comes to pretty much anything I'm spending money on.  Clothing, jewelry even shampoo and conditioner!  I will walk back and forth in the aisle trying to decide which item to choose, all the while, driving Josh crazy!  So I am pretty surprised when I come upon a store that carries more than just a few items here or there, that I would actually consider purchasing.  Blue Platypus is one of those, hard to find, stores. 

What is Blue Platypus?
According to their website, "We at Blue Platypus strive to create a balance between kitsch, natural elements, clean shapes and wearability.  We are mid-century modernists at heart, although we find inspiration in various places.  Our biggest inspiration is probably vintage furniture and clothing (1920s-1970s).  We have a soft spot for gnomes, folk art, quilts and anything else made of felt. Prints, patterns, and colors from different eras play a huge role in our designs.  Clean geometric as well as fluid, e.g. silhouettes of heads, are featured in our designs.  We also like to have prints that are interesting from afar and surprising when scrutinized up close.  In our line, we want images to speak for themselves, so we try to limit words.  We try to avoid generic sayings and words and use letters as visual elements as well as meaning.
Blue Platypus is a fashionista's paradise!  They have stylish tops, bags, and sweaters and even have a men's section.  Here are just a few examples of their beautiful styles:
Betty Bluebell - $29
Victorian Zippy Magenta Sweater
Secret Agent Reversible Messenger - $52
My Review
The wonderful people over at Blue Platypus allowed me to choose any t-shirt I wanted for review so after much debate I finally chose the ultra chic, totally adorable "Woodland Whimsy" t-shirt in Creme($32).  I received it in about 4 days and I wore it the next day.  This shirt drew a lot of attention and a few people even came up to me out of the blue and asked me where I got it!  I love it when that happens!  It fit perfectly and looks amazing on me.  This is definitely one of my favorite tees because it's so unique!  You won't see anything like Blue Platypus around and that's one of my favorite  things about them.  When I buy something I don't like to go out and see everyone in town wearing the same thing.   I also love that I can wear this t-shirt with a pair of dark or light jeans and it looks great either way because of the colors in the design. I highly recommend Blue Platypus to anyone looking for a little fashion in their lives!
Pros: Very well made, high quality t-shirt, beautiful designs, looks fabulous, goes with dark and light color jeans.
Cons: A little more expensive than your average tee.  But remember, you're paying for one heck of a t-shirt here!

Where can you find Blue Platypus products?
If you're interested in any of the products I've featured in this review of if you'd like to see what else Blue Platypus has to offer feel free to head over to their website and take a look around!  While you're there check out their new arrivals, put your favorite items on a wish list or order a Blue Platypus gift certificate for a special occasion!  Do you like to touch and try on the things you buy?  I don't blame you!  Check out the "where to find us" section of their site to find a retailer near you.  Also be sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter for more up to date information on promotions, new arrivals and more!

I received this product for free for the purpose of this review.  All opinions stated in this review are mine and unbiased.  For the rest of my disclosure policy please visit the PR section of my site.

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