Saturday, May 28, 2011

Twitter Switch-A-Roo

Alright everyone, I've decided I'm going to switch Twitter accounts and use my primary twitter account - @ashtonzmommi as Shopaholic Mommy's Twitter account as well.  This makes it easier for me to advertise for the site and this way I don't have to switch back and forth.  I also have a lot more followers on this account.  So I will be making the transition on all new giveaways but don't worry, all old giveaways with the @smmhblog account entries will still count!  So to go ahead and add @ashtonzmommi on Twitter now for all Shopaholic Mommy updates and more!  The transition will take a few days so bare with me!  This is all part of the new Shopaholic Mommy!


  1. Hey Ashley! Following from the hop! Cute blog! Can't wait to read more! Hpe you get some shopping done this memorial day! :)

  2. FOlloing from the hop!

  3. I am a new follower on Sunday Hop - I am hopping today to bring attention to a young girl who is in need of a bone marrow transplant- We need to get the word out. Today she in the hospital again getting another transfusion.. Please take the time to read today's post. thank you very much - Kelly
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