Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sheer Tan Wand Review

May is Skin Cancer awareness Month and I didn't want to end the month without mentioning something about it.  My Father was recently diagnosed with Skin Cancer and, by the grace of God, we recently found out, the Cancer was contained to a mole the doctors removed so it looks as though he is Cancer free.  Of course, there are more tests to be done, to make sure but it looks as though our prayers have been answered.  This scare has really opened my eyes though!  For one, I made a promise to God, if my Dad came through this, I would quit smoking, and I intend to keep that promise.  And for two, Cancer runs in my family, my Grandmother, his Mom, died of Cancer, so I know I have to be extra vigilant and besides quitting smoking, tanning is another thing I need to cross off my list.  I was never a huge tanner to begin with, I have never been to a tanning salon, not a day in my life, but I have laid out in the sun from time to time and they say all it takes is one really bad sunburn when your young to really up your chances of Skin Cancer and sun damage to your skin.  So how can we have that sun kissed looking skin without all the damage and health problems that comes with it?  Sunless Tanning is the answer and I have found the perfect sunless tanning product that will make you look like a sun goddess all year round, Sheer Tan!

So, what is Sheer Tan?
According to their website, "SheerEsque's mission is to improve the range of choices available for a self tanner.  We understand that busy schedules and bursting budgets can make regular appointments at the tanning salon difficult to manage.  The Sheer Tan wand enables our customers to apply a golden, streak-free all-over spray tan in the privacy of their own home, at far less cost than a salon spray tan.  We spare you the hassles and expense of going to the salon - where you pay more, must book an appointment within their hours, and waste time and money traveling back and forth.  Tan wherever and whenever you want!  Our products are compact enough to take with you traveling, ensuring a golden glow on the go!  And our Fresh Supply Club gives you the added convenience of automatic refills - you never run out!"
When she founded SheerEsque in 2005, Linda Cooper was tired of watching women struggle to apply self tanner to their backs so she decided she wanted to create a solution for this irritating problem.  That dream came about with the invention of the Sheer Tan Wand.  Linda is the one responsible for the creation as far as execution and ideology.  She worked with George Carter who, "helped formalize my ideas into my current designs.  Crystallizing my mind's eye into machines that actually accomplish my goal.  George has been an invaluable asset to my company's success."  Sheer Tan address current trends in Personal Care as identified by ACNielson co. such as the need for convenience, concerns over health and safety, new product innovation and changing demographics. 
"SheerEsque understands the challenges and issues that shape today's marketplace and they respond with comprehensive solutions for the consumer on the go and those who want to tan in the privacy of their own homes."

My Review
I'm the type of person that doesn't burn very easily, I'm Hispanic so I have an Olive complexion and so I tan very easily.  So my entire life, I've just assumed that because I don't burn I wasn't doing any damage to my skin but boy was I being dumb.  When I was younger I used to lay out a lot more and it never really crossed my mind until my dad developed Skin Cancer, then it really hit home.  Now I won't lay out in the sun and I make sure my loved ones don't either, but that also means that my pretty olive complexion gets a bit pale so I love using self-tanners the only problem is always get it all over my hands and the rest of myself in the process.  That's what I love about this product.  It comes with a very handy wand to help you apply the self tanning spray all over your body - even the hard to reach places - with ease and without turning your hands orange!  It sprays and spreads evenly and as long as you apply correctly you will have a beautiful, streak free tan that will rival your friends natural tans.  It's very easy to apply, only takes minutes and you don't have to worry about making an appointment, driving all the way to the salon, undressing and having some stranger spray tanning solution all over you or worse head to the tanning salon and risk getting sun damage to your skin or skin cancer.  Every time you go out into the sun without protection your chances increase and if Cancer runs in your family, like it does in mine and most families, than it's just not worth the risk.  
Pros: Looks great, easy to use, fast, I don't have to travel, I can use it at home and use it myself, Come with a very useful handle to help me tan my back and other hard to reach places.  They have a great refill program so you never run out!  This is a much better alternative to sun tanning or tanning beds. It looks flawless like "an airbrushed tan in a sunless tanner" just like they say!  Price is phenomenal also!
Cons: Once I slipped the bottle into the handle it surprised me and went off and kinda made a mess so make sure the cap is on. haha! 

So where can you find your own Sheer Tan Wand?

Special Offer for Shopaholics Only!!
That's right!  Shopaholics, right now you can get an extra 5% off a 2 pack with coupon code:MOM215 and that's not all!  You can get an additional 15% off a 6 pack with coupon code: MOM327.  So head over to their site right now and take advantage of these extraordinary deals because they won't last forever!  In fact, these coupon codes expire one month from today, June 31st 2011.  

So if you're looking for a beautiful tan without the sun damage or mess, check out the Sheer Tan Wand and remember the great deals featured above!  

I received this product for free for the purpose of a review.  The opinions in this review are mine and unbiased.  For the rest of my disclosure policy please visit the Contact Me section of my site!


  1. I love Sheertan! Linda is great- I had a real issue the first time I tried this product and she sent me incredible instructions on how to do it properly!

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