Saturday, May 14, 2011

Affordable Advertising for you & Help for Me!

In light of all Blogger issues, I have decided to move to Wordpress.  I have tried to do this myself but have found a few issues pretty difficult for me to pull off so I am looking for help. So I am seeking anyone interested in affordable advertising on my site!  This will help me afford the switch to Wordpress so you won't have to worry about missing posts or outages anymore! (what a pain!)  Specifically, the transfer of my posts, comments, GFC followers, Feed Burner Subscribers, My already purchased domain name from Blogger, and transfer of everything on my sidebar and footers as well as graphics, header, etc.  
If you would rather trade services, I am more than willing to work something out with you!  If anyone is interested please email me at  Have a super weekend Shopaholics!

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