Monday, April 18, 2011

What can you do for Earth Day?

 Earth Day is just a few days away on April 22nd.  Every year ever since I was a little girl I've tried to do something for Earth Day to show my appreciation for this marvelous planet we live on and so many take advantage of.  Since I can't afford to plant a tree this year I will probably be picking up some garbage or something a long those lines.  Luckily, I still have a few days to plan it out.  Everyday I watch people throw garbage out of their car windows and, while I admit I've done it before, I try not to do it anymore.  I bring a plastic grocery bag and leave it in my car for garbage.  It's simple, it's quick and I'm not contributing to all of the litter and garbage that's piling up on the streets of my neighborhood.  Being "Green" isn't hard at all, in fact anyone can do it quite easily by just making a few simple household changes that might actually save them money in the end!  I don't know about you but if I'm saving money and helping to save the environment, that sounds like a win-win situation to me! 
 Does your family drink a lot of canned soda pop?  Separate the cans and either recycle them or collect them and bring them to a recycling center for a *couple extra bucks at the end of the month. (*Depends on price of aluminum but usually it's not very much. When I say a couple extra bucks, it usually is only a couple extra bucks.)  You can also recycle newspaper, cardboard, any kind of old copper, steel or other metals you may have as well just check with your local recycling centers first.  Here are a few other easy ways to go green this Earth Day:

  • Switch to Green Household Products- Not only is it better for the environment but it's also better for your pets and children in the home as well!  There are plenty of household cleaning supplies you can make from everyday products like vinegar and water!
  • Limit your Water Usage- Don't take baths, if possible take a shower, it uses less water and try to cut a few minutes off of your shower.  Also turn the water off while brushing your teeth and washing your face. These tips can potentially save you hundreds of gallons of water each year!
  • Purchase Organic Produce-Not only is it much better for you, without all of those yucky preservatives and what not but organic produce grown by local farmers saves on the carbon used to drive it to the grocery store.  Head over to your local Farmer's Market for the best prices on Organic Produce.
  • Take a Walk- I live within walking distance of a Walgreens and a few other stores so if need something small I just walk!  This will save you on the gas money, the wear and tear on your car and save on the carbon used to drive back and forth from the store.  It's also great exercise!
 Every year there are local events that take place, like clean ups, that you can participate in.  If we don't start doing our fair share and cleaning up this planet we're going to be leaving a huge mess for our children.  I just don't think that's fair to do to our loved ones, do you?  A small step can make a big impact, so how are you going to step up and help for Earth Day?

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