Thursday, April 28, 2011

Vedette Body Shaper Giveaway Winners!

It's that time once again!  Time to pick the winners of the Vedette Body Shaper Giveaway!  I knew we'd have a huge response to this giveaway and I'm going to be picking 5 winners! So here we go!

Winner number 1 is...Comment number 117 - Laura F! 

Winner number 2 is...Comment number 36 - Jbmthill!

Winner number 3 is...Comment number 62 - Amy!

Winner number 4 is...Comment number  71 - Patricia Sanchez!

And Winner number 5 is..Comment number 201- Jennifer Hale!

Winners 1-3 you left your email addresses so I will be contacting you shortly to give you information on how to claim your prize.  You have 48 hours to write me back to claim your prize and if I don't hear back from you within 48 hours or if for some reason you cannot accept the prize I will hold a redraw and another winner(s) will be chosen.  

Winners 4 &5 you didn't leave your email address so I need you to email me at within 48 hours to claim you prize.  If I don't hear from you within 48 hours or if for some reason you can't accept the prize I will hold a redraw and choose another winner(s).  

Congrats to the winners and a huge thanks to Vedette for this amazing giveaway!  Keep checking back for more great giveaways and reviews as well as tips & tricks, super steals and deals and so much more!  Don't forget to invite your friends, relatives, neighbors, anyone!  We're so close to the 500 fan goal!  Once we hit the 500 fan goal on Google Friend Connect I will giveaway a prize I won through a giveaway worth a whopping $500!!  That's right, $500, that's no typo!  So hurry up and invite everyone you know!


  1. I can’t believe I won, thank you so much. I’m sending an e-mail now. Thanks :)

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  3. How do I claim the Vedette Body Shaper? Thank you :)

  4. Hey Patricia - email me at

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