Saturday, April 2, 2011

Reading and E-Devices

Are you the owner of an Ipad, Kindle, Nook, or other device like the ones just mentioned?  Are you happy with your purchase?  I love to read and devote every extra minute I have in my day to reading.  I've read my Bible cover to cover dozens of times, I love Stephen King, Mary Higgins Clark and a few others but I find it hard to store all of the books I have in such a small space.  We have a very limited income so I won't be able to afford to purchase one of those items at the moment but I'm entering plenty of giveaways for them!  Reading is more than just picking up a book to me, it's an experience.  Even when reading to my son, holding the book, turning the pages and looking through the pictures is part of that experience and I can't imagine holding an electronic device would give you the same experience but of course I could be wrong!  So let me know what you think and while you're here do you have any great book recommendations?  Leave the Title, Author and a little bit about what the book is about!

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  1. I am also a voracious reader! I love the feel of a book, smelling new paper and ink! It's a physical experience to sink myself into a story and lose myself for hours!
    I've never wanted a Kindle, etc. But recently, reading about others who love theirs, I've begun to want one. And on a giveaway site (, I WON A KINDLE!!!! I'm so excited! I am looking forward to being able to store up to 3500 books in one spot,and read them at my convenience!
    I know I'm going to love it - but I don't believe it will ever take the place of the feel of a book in my hands. There's just something about picking up a book and reading where I left off,turning the pages and everything involved in reading it.
    But now I have the best of both worlds!!
    And FYI, there are plenty of free ebooks available for download. AND in looking at other books and their pricing, it seems they are almost as expensive as a regular paperback book. I thought they would be quite a bit cheaper, but they're not!

  2. I saw that!! Congrats! I've been on that site for the past couple days but no luck! :P


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