Saturday, April 23, 2011

GeoPuzzle Giveaway Winner!

I think i'm going to start using this font, it's easier to read and I've seen a lot of bloggers use this font so I just wanted to let ya'll know.  Alright now on to announcing the winner I chose last night!  

The GeoPuzzle is not only a lot of fun to put together with your kids or even by yourself but it's a great learning experience to boot!  I couldn't believe how much many countries I didn't know!  I really thought I knew more than I did.  I'd really like to hear from the winner later on to see if you were stumped by the GeoPuzzle like Josh and I were!  Alright, on to the announcement!

The GeoPuzzle Giveaway Winner is...

Comment Number 40 - beabug!  I will email you shortly with directions on how to claim your prize and you will have 48 hours to claim your prize or I will have a re-draw and pick another winner.  

Everyone else check out the other great giveaways and don't forget to invite your friends, family, neighbors, heck invite complete strangers you meet at the supermarket!  And tell them about all the amazing giveaways and fun things Shopaholic Mommy has to offer!  Once we hit 500 fans we'll have our 500 fan Giveaway Extravaganza and I'll be giving away a product worth $500!!

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  1. Hello, I am the winner of the contest and i can't find your email. I think i may have deleted it. :( Can you send me another e-mail. my email is thanks and sorry.


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