Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Blogging Advice: Google Friend Connect & Networked Blogs

Have you ever heard of Google Friend Connect?  What about Networked Blogs?  If you follow any review and giveaway blogs at all than you've heard these names repeatedly.  For those of you that have any questions about Google Friend Connect (GFC) or Networked Blogs I am going to try and answer a few of those questions in this post.  If I don't answer a question you have be sure to leave a comment and I will post on it at a later date!

Google Friend Connect
What: Google Friend Connect,by definition according to Google itself is, "a Google service that lets you add social features to a website without having to do any web programming.  The service allows you to copy and paste a code snippet into a webpage to add the social elements.

GFC example
Where: Google Friend Connect is usually located on the right hand sidebar of all blogs.  The easiest way to find it is to look for all those little pictures of people.  If you see little boxes with peoples faces in it with a button above it with the words "follow", that's probably Google Friend Connect.  I went browsing around and finally found this screenshot of GFC.
How: It's really quite simple!  Just click the little 'Follow' button above the pictures and select whether you'd like to sign on with either your Google, Twitter or Yahoo, enter your info and you're all set!  Sometimes depending on the blogger a captcha may or may not be involved.  If you don't know what a captcha is please see my first blogging advice post.

Why: Now some of you are probably wondering why Bloggers make such a big deal out of Google Friend Connect.  Personally, I have two (2) main reasons for wanting my followers to join GFC.  The first is that this is what I have used since the beginning to keep track of my readers, if I was to switch over to something else I would be starting all over again from scratch.  Second, sponsors for reviews and giveaways look at those numbers and a few others in terms of what they will allow us to review.  There are a few things I'd really like to show ya'll and give you a chance to win but without those GFC numbers getting any larger, I won't be able to do what I'd like to do.  More importantly than that I'm interested more in the blogging aspect of blogging, don't get me wrong I love doing reviews and giveaways but the sky is the limit when it comes to blogging and I wanna go to the top!  Conferences, Twitter Parties, the works!  But without a larger fan base, I can't accomplish what I dream to do.  My dream is to make Shopaholic Mommy huge!

Networked Blogs

What: Networked Blogs is along the same lines of Google Friend Connect but it isn't as important to sponsors as GFC is.  Networked Blogs is actually an application on Facebook that allows you to keep track of followers on your blog or website.  They do have a website though where you can go and add your site to a huge web directory that's seen by thousands, if not, millions of people everyday!  The Networked Blogs Application installs a simple widget onto your site that allows follows to sign up just as they would with GFC.

How: Not all blogs use Networked Blogs and not all blogs place them in the same places, mine just so happens to be on the right sidebars two spaces underneath the GFC.  You will first see the labels section, then pages and then you will see Networked Blogs.  Under Networked Blogs you will see the button for Business2Blogger.  To follow Shopaholic Mommy through Networked Blogs simply click the words "follow my blog" on the Networked Blogs widget and follow the directions from there! 
Why: As far as Networked Blogs go, I don't have a particular reason to use it, I like to keep track of my readers and this is another way of doing so.  I appreciate any help ya'll can give me!  So invite your friends, invite your family, heck, invite your friend's families!

So now that you know what these both are you'll be able to enter the giveaways that require Google Friend Connect as an entry!  Remember if it's a mandatory entry and you do not complete it your entry will not count!!  If you have any other questions comment below!  I hope this helped!


  1. Hi there, just stopping by via Where are you Wednesday Blog Hop and am your neweset follower. Maybe you'll follow back? :-) My husband just asked me last night about GFC and I tried to answer as well as I could but I love your post and will show it to him tonight. Thanks.

  2. Sorry, newest follower, of course!

  3. Stopping by from the Alexa hop. Great explanations! Thanks for taking the time to write that out.



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