Monday, April 11, 2011

Another Blog Spammer!

Good Morning Shopaholics!  I just wanted to let ya'll know that there is another blog spammer on the prowl and this one also emailed me.  It's possible it's the same person as "Kathy Lagoli",if that's even their real name, but this time they're going under a different name.  I guess they heard that bloggers started getting the word out!  This spammer goes by Lauren Herson and emailed me late last night or early this morning.  "She" uses the email address  Below is the email I read this morning.  If you see an email from either one of these people just hit that Spam button!

Re: shopaholic mommy's must haves! $30 novica gift code giveaway!
From: Lauren Herson <>

is the property still available? lauren


  1. Thanks! I have been hit by "Kathi" and "Lauren" with identical messeages as your. I was googling to see who the messages came from when I saw your alert about it. Thanks! I have a small blog called Rooftop Reviews, where I review books, music etc. Just a bit of politics - just wanted you to know that your voice was heard and I'm happy to know what was happening with the weird messages. By the way- I wasn't offered the $30 gift certificate!

    Feel free to delete my contact info if you wish- this was sincere thanks and not a way to get "hits" from your site.

    Best to you,

    Robert Williams of Rooftop Reviews

  2. I have a blog and got e-mails from both Laura Herson and Kathy Lagoli. One asked "is the property still available?" though nothing in post or anywhere on my blog has to do with property for sale. The other said "haven't heard back are you still in business?" again, totally unrelated to anything I'd written about.

    Spammers like this make me not want to answer blog e-mails.

  3. Yup, I got the same one! I don't know where they get there information from or why they think they can email us, or why they're doing it for that matter! Who knows! It's really irritating though!

  4. I also got the same email but I deleted it. I think these people are wasting their time by doing this. What do they gain by doing that crap!

    Anyway...I am here to return the follow. Thanks for joining the hop.

    The Things We Find Inside

  5. Hello and thank you for the heads up about this person!
    I am following you back from The Coupon Queen Bee

  6. I haven't seen these but it's nice to have the heads up. Thanks!

    BTW Thank you for following Random Deals. Here to return the favor. :)

  7. Thanks everyone for the follow backs!! I really appreciate it! :D

  8. recieved this one today makes no sense

  9. Thanks for the heads up.
    Stopping in from the Alexa hop.

  10. Hi, I'm your newest follower, over from Good Friends Just Click blog hop.

    Hope you can stop by sometime.

    Have a great Tuesday!



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