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Wicks of Wisdom by Linda Salvin Review

We all come to a time in our lives where we feel desperate.  My family hit that time right before Christmas when my hubby-to-be, Josh, lost his job.  We felt helpless and scared that we were going to lose our home and everything we worked so hard to get.  All we could think was, how were we going to have a Christmas now?  Luckily, I am blessed with the most wonderful parents who have been helping us to get back on our feet otherwise I don't know where we'd be right now.  Right after the New Year, I met this amazing woman by the name of Dr. Linda Salvin. Dr. Linda is an incredible woman and she has an equally incredible story to tell.  
Linda on the radio

More About Dr. Linda Salvin

According to her site, LindaSalvin.com, "In 1975, Linda received her BA in Health Services from San Francisco State University and in '77 she recieved her Masters Degree in Public Health from the University of Michigan.  She was  ordained as a Doctor of Divinity in June 1999. 9 years later, in June of 2008, Linda was awarded her P.h.D in Metaphysics from the American Institute of Holistic Theology. Linda was born and blessed with psychic gifts and was originally trained in public science.  Linda has traveled and still travels a very remarkable life journey."

"A series of devestating accidents transformed her life forever.  A successful public health official, Linda survived a commercial airliner crash in 1981.  As she exited the plane, in that moment, while sliding down the shoot, she had her first of three out-of-body experiences.  That was the beginning of her psychic and spiritual changes."

"A year later, she was struck by a firetruck and in 1984 another traumatic automobile accident brought her to the brink of death, and another near death experience.  Lastly, a surgery in 1991, proved to be another life altering experience for Linda.  With each of these experiences, her spiritual connection and psychic abilities began to grow.  Rather than dwelling on her own challenges, Linda reached out and began to help others."

"Eventually Linda left her full time job as a epidemiologist and to devote her time to her metaphysical gifts.  She now has an international following and her own radio show that she started in 1994."


Linda being awarded with the Be Real Broadcast Award!

 Linda's Radio Show
" Her radio broadcasting career began as the night-time psychic on Los Angeles' KBIG 104-FM. Later she produced and hosted her own show on KIEV 870 AM in Southern California, prior to her move to the Cable Radio Networks. CRN is a national audio broadcast system carried through the cable TV systems, big dish satellite, and streamed over the internet. In 2004, she began to syndicate her show “Linda Salvin: Visions & Solutions” nationally to radio stations. By 2005, Linda was on in Los Angeles' KLSX 97.1 FM Talk and drew between 35-52 callers a night.  She was on FM talk for following three years until the station went off the air.  While pursuing her broadcasting career and private practice, Linda was involved with producing her Wicks of Wisdom TV Infomercial, during which time she earned her PhD in metaphysics."

I've tuned in to Linda's radio show numerous times and I love it.  You can really hear the relief in some of the caller's voices, when they call and talk to her and tell her how she's helped them.  Linda is a very compassionate and caring person and it really shows through her show.  If you'd like to check it out here's the schedule for the next show:

Dr. Linda Salvin's Psychic Network - 11:00 am - Wednesday 03/30/2011
Call in (818)788-6047-- Spirituality, Recovery, Mystical and Political happenings around us. What's on your mind? Money, love, moving, travel, health, metaphysics? It's the show where the Spirit Meets Reality...OR is it Reality Meets the Spirit?  

And now on to Wicks of Wisdom!

Money & Success Power™
"..like a prescription for the soul."

Ok, so here's the deal.  I've never really believed in this sort of thing, I've always turned the channel when I see a psychic's commercial on the T.V. or radio.  Dr. Linda Salvin has opened my eyes to a lot of things I never knew!  Let me start by telling you my Wicks of Wisdom story:

As I told you before, Josh lost his job right before Christmas and we were struggling trying to figure out what to do.  He applied everywhere around here, and I mean everywhere!  Even places like McDonalds and Taco Bell weren't calling him back and we were getting really discouraged.  Right after the New Year, I met Linda.  She sent me the Money and Success Wicks Of Wisdom Candles to try and Josh followed the directions to the tee.  2 days after we were into the 2nd candle Josh got a job offer for the job he's with right now!  After the 3rd candle was finished, he received another job offer (it didn't end up panning out but it was still a job offer) and a couple weeks later he has a couple more prospective offers!  He ended up taking the job he's with now, it's not much but it's something and they're offering him overtime.  We waited and searched and were on the brink of giving up and it was amazing how quickly the job offers came swarming in after we lit the candles!  I also did a lot of praying!  I personally believe full heartedly in these candles and the power within them.  Now here's some more official information about the candles according to the Wicks of Wisdom website.

"Wicks of Wisdom are a unique line of Siritual Candles, petitions and formulas directed by guidelines handed down by ages.  They are hand lovingly handcrafted with specifed ingrediants and each assigned the appropriate essential oils, herbs, and powders to address a particular aspect of life's many issues.  These marvelous spiritual candles, when used properly, release a special power that helps you overcome some of life's seemlingly hopeless situations."

You can purchase from 15 different Wicks of Wisdom Candle sets for many different situations including:

Health & Wellness

Legal Issues

Love & Romance


Career & Finance

Family & Home

Stubborn Situations

Soul mate Power™ (Love)
"..like a prescription for the soul."

Those categories cover just about any issue life my throw at you.  For more information about Wicks of Wisdom you can visit the website, Wicksofwisdom.com  where you will find more information about them and have a chance to purchase a set for yourself.

So, my family is still struggling, but we have a chance now. My faith has a strong hand in that, of course, but I also thank Linda and her amazing Wicks of Wisdom for helping me.  Their motto is "A Prescription for the soul©" and I think it fits perfectly.  Wicks of wisdom really is like a "prescription for the soul©."  So head on over to Wicksofwisdom.com and check out all of the different sets Linda has to offer.  After that check out her other site, LindaSalvin.com for more information on her services and other great products she carries including an amazing chocolate called Xocai Chocolate that helps with many ailments including Fibromyalgia pains! (I know I'm going to be getting some once I get some $$, I could use some relief!)  And of course be sure to check out her inspirational radio show. (info above)

Special Free Offer for Shopaholic Mommy's Readers!
Linda was kind enough to give my readers a very special, exclusive offer!  Right now you will receive a free petition consultation when you purchase a set of Wicks of Wisdom candles!  That is a $50 value!  Just mention that you read this review in Shopaholic Mommy!  These candles are amazing and I know how much they helped my family, along with prayer and faith.  Let them help you too!  What have you got to lose?

Linda Salvin

Where can you find Wicks of Wisdom or any of Linda's other services?
If you're interested in purchasing your own set of Wicks of Wisdom candles or maybe you'd like to see the other amazing talents Linda has to offer!  Just head over to her website, Linda Salvin.com  or you can find these wonderful candles at Wow Tv OfferIf you haven't tried these yet, you don't know what you're missing out on!  And as of 4/30/11- 10% of all money collected from readings, healings, channelings, and Wicks of Wisdom sales will be donated to the Red Cross.  If you'd like to help Linda donate you can call 1-888-509-1077    

I was given this product for free for the purpose of a review.  All other disclosure information can be found in the Contact me Section of the blog.


  1. Thank you for the fabulous review on my Wicks of Wisdom. These candles work. I have done a lot of research and helped thousands of people. Anyone who orders will receive a discount by mentioning ASH. Life changes quickly with Wicks of Wisdom; the candles take about 15 days to burn but the results,as Ashley explained, happen.
    Thank you for this, Dr Linda Salvin

  2. Wow, this is a fascinating, fun story about the amazing woman Dr. Linda Salvin. I had the good fortune of interviewing her for my latest book Dream Reachers II (co-author Chase Von) in a 12,000-word interview and it was so much fun. I ran her story on Dames of Dialogue and got over a thousand hits in two days. People just adore this woman, fondly called Butterfly by some of her friends.

    I personally, enjoyed hearing about Josh finding a job after his mate found Linda and tried the Wicks of Wisdom. Just one of many of Linda's success stories.

    Keep up the great work, dear lady.

    Thanks and hugs - Betty Dravis


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