Sunday, March 6, 2011

Bamboo Pink--Introducing A Brand New Jewelry Experience!

A wonderful friend of mine came to me and asked me if I could help her promote her new business, and how could I say no?  I mean, I am to here to  show ya'll the latest and greatest products, correct?  Well here it is!

Bamboopink is a NEW jewelry company launching in March. You can sign up for FREE until March 15th. 

The 1st online jewelry company with NO FORCED home parties, meetings, etc.! You don't need to buy a kit, you can just sell online! If you decide to join, you should also decide to build your team. Why Not? Sign up as many friends and family members with no sign up fees during our pre-registration period as well.

There are going to be 3 starter kits available with bamboopink if you choose to purchase one. 
Bamboopink will offer one of the most generous compensation plans in the industry, and will arm consultants with state-of-the-art technology, including mobile applications for the iPhone, iPad, Windows7 and Droid operating systems. The revolutionary ‘virtual trunk show’ will give the consultants the ability to do business any time at the push of the button.

The product is designed by Frances Gadbois and is produced in the same factories that make Jude Frances Jewelry. The collection starts at $29 and is composed of a myriad of earrings, on-trend bangles and stackable rings, collectible pendants and chain necklaces which will make Bamboopink the most versatile fashion jewelry collection around.

What makes bamboopink special? 
Experience: We have the branded jewelry line, Jude Frances, as the masterminds behind bamboopink with over 10 successful years in the jewelry industry. 
Designs: Exclusive designs inspired by of-the-moment runway trends as well as European architecture to create a line that is not only on trend, but timeless.  
Price Point: Bamboopink is classic, sexy, elegant and affordable. With most of the line priced under $100, there is something for everyone, no matter the budget.
Multi-Generational: Bamboopink has pieces that will appeal to women of all ages; no matter what your taste, we have something stylish for you. 
Versatility: Whether it is a statement ring or our classic love knot charms, bamboopink jewelry can take any outfit from day to night with ease and finesse.    
Customer Service: From the moment you sign up with bamboopink you will be taken care of, we will assist you in starting your business.
Income: Bamboopink offers one of the most competitive compensation plans around, with 10 different ways to earn income.
Quality &  Warranty: Our product is made at the same factory as JudeFrances with the utmost quality and care.
Charity: We are committed to giving back; with the bamboopink foundation we will give back to the community that has helped us thrive.  
Collectable: Earring charms, pendants, bracelets and rings that can be layered together or worn alone so women can personalize their own jewelry collection.  

This will only be FREE until March 15th. You can still join bamboopink after March 15th but it won't be for free. Go to my website  Click on the SIGN UP button in the upper right corner and follow the 3 simple steps to sign up today! The information to sign up asks your name, address, email, telephone number and nothing else. No SSN or credit card, etc. You can opt out after they go public if this is not for you! Why not see if it is? You can also shop from my website around April 1st.

Diana Alexander
Independent Bamboopink Consultant #12029
*I was paid for this post.  No money or products have ever scewed my views in any way at any time.  Please see my disclosure policy under the contact me portion of the page.*

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