Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Relic Watch, Purse and Wallet Review

The name Relic is synonymous with class and affordability.  Since 1990, Relic has been making high style watches with styles ranging from quartz chronograph watches to stylish digital watches.  They have trendy affordable watches for both men and women ranging in price from a mere $30 to about $100.  Recently, I spoke with Relic about doing a product review and they provided me with 2 beautiful watches, 2 gorgeous purses and 2 matching wallets.  

Who is Relic?
In 1984 a man named Tom Kartsotis created a company by the name of Fossil.  Fossil created a collection of elegantly fashionable watches that became collectors pieces to some.  In 1990, Fossil decided to expand their watch line to include a more affordable, casual collection of watches.  Relic quickly became very popular and is continuing to grow in popularity even to this day!  The Relic line itself has a special charm all it's own!  According to some research i've done Relic has 5 main watch collections: 
Folio: A dressy watch that comes in many styles for both men and women.  The traditional 5-hand quartz movement, accessory diamond stones and metal bands also make this model a beautiful watch to own!
 Wet: A sports line of watches by Relic.  These watches are water resistant and stainless steel bands make this the perfect chronograph watch for the outdoors!
Vibe: This line goes along with the most current trends, uniquely shaped bands, bold colors and attention to detail make these watches a fun addition to any outfit!
Moving Color: At the push of a button the dials on this creative peice comes to life!  It's a great conversation peice.  Very colorful and funky!
Glitz: These are for a more glamorous look.  Diamond encrusted with silver or gold tones really make this watch stand out and look sleek!
 No matter who you are or what your style is, there is a Relic Watch for you! 

  Did I happen to mention that Relic also sells handbags and wallets as well?  Talk about sophistication and style, Relic has it going on!  They also have great handbags for every style and budget as well!  Whether you like animal print or a more classic look, they have exactly what you're looking for.  One of the best parts about Relic's handbags and wallets is they are 100% animal friendly!  Their handbags come in a variety of styles including, totes, hobos, crossbody handbags, satchels, and mini handbags.  All styles come in a variety of colors and patterns, they have something for everyone!  Right now and until Feb. 14th Relic is having a special 20% off sale sitewide!  So you've got to head over and check out the amazing deals!

What do I think? 

   As I said before, I was given 2 watches, 2 purses and 2 wallets to review.  So let's start with the watches.  The first watch I received was a beautiful silver stainless steel women's watch.  It normally retails for $90 dollars.  Not only is this watch stylish but it is also very comfortable as well!  I have gotten a ton of compliments on this watch!  I've worn it everywhere!  It's water resistant and has a limited warranty of 1-2 years.  The second watch I received was a Hunter Blue Dial, Black Silicone Strap Multifunction Watch.  It normally retails for $75.00(on sale now for $56.25).  Again this watch is amazingly comfortable and it has so many functions!  It's a very impressive watch!  Very trendy!  It is also water resistant and also comes with a limited 1-2 year warranty.  Here are pix of the 2 watches.  *Please note: I was unable to find the exact silver stainless steel watch, this is the same watch just a different style.*


   Now the handbags.  Again, Relic amazed me with how haute these bags look!  That's the great thing about Relic.  Their products look like they would cost hundreds of dollars at some fancy department store but in all actuality they are very affordable!  I was given two bags to review, the first was a Blake Shopper Tote Handbag.  It was a very trendy leopard print and it was big enough to hold all of the crazy mess I carry with me everywhere!  It came with a matching wallet also large enough for all my business cards, my id, gift cards, etc.  I loved this bag!  Everywhere I went people were commenting or asking me where I got the bag.  This same bag is available in a floral print, black, white and khaki colors as well.  It retails for $58.00 but is on sale right now for $43.50!  Now that's a steal!  The other beautiful bag I received to review was a Logo Convertible Crossbody Handbag.  It was white and had an adorable logo keychain attached to it.  This is a great purse to bring with you anywhere!  It matches any outfit and is perfect for the office or for an elegant evening out.  It's decked out in the Relic Floral logo and it is stylin'!  You can wear it two ways!  You can wear the strap on your shoulder or wear it across your body for a fashionable look.  You can also get this gorgeous purse in Khaki as well as White.  Here are pictures of the purses: 

Both purses had matching wallets and both were of medium size.  Both were stylish and both were extremely trendy and just plain amazing!!  I would recommend Relic products to anyone that wants a whole lot of style but doesn't have the money to splurge on expensive accessories.  Not only are their products affordable and stylish but best of all, they're made from quality products, animal friendly and their products last.  Relic is known all over the world for their excellence and I can definately see why!

So you want one of your own huh?
Well I can't say I don't blame you!  You can find Relic products at many fine retailers or at their website : Relic Online.  As I mentioned before they're having a great sale right now!  Their entire site is 25% off!  This promotion is only until Valentine's Day so don't wait!  Shop today!  You can also visit Relic on Facebook here: Relic Facebook Page .  Also join their mailing list today to receive the latest and greatest info on new products, promotions, sales and more!  With Valentine's Day only 2 weeks away, anything Relic has to offer would make a great gift for your significant other! ;)  And while you're shopping or looking around their Facebook page, be sure to tell them Shopaholic Mommy sent ya!

I wish I could've done a giveaway for Relic but unfortunately it wasn't possible.  I will have more giveaways coming in the very near future so stay tuned ladies and gents!   Pick up my new button while you're here!  If you get it now you can use it later for extra entries to future giveaways! :)

*I received these products for the purpose of a review.  I was allowed to keep the 2 watches and was required to send back the 2 purses and 2 wallets.  I was not paid for my opinions and they are now and have always been, unbiased. * 


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